2010 Events

January 21, 7 pm
Show and Tell

February 18, 7 pm
Karen Esper: Basic Conservation

Are your books showing signs of trouble? Here is an introduction to the what, when and why of some basic repair techniques which can help. We will begin with the structure of books and the causes of book deterioration.

March 18, 7 pm
Panel: Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is a field that has exploded in recent years, as the definition evolves and expands itself. Join us for a panel of speakers on this growing industry. Panelists (so far) include LaVora Perry, Kelly Ferjutz, Harriett Logan, and others, speaking about their experiences as self-published authors, printers, and booksellers, using various technical printing platforms.

April 15, 7 pm
Gene Epstein: On Making Altered Books

Gene is renown for her folded book sculptures. No glue, no tape, no strings attached - just a couple of folds up and couple of folds down. She plays with books in other forms too: collages, photos, quotations, reinterpretations and even a few bad puns. They’re all called altered books, and the artform has an worldwide and various appeal. This month, seven artists (including Gene) display their artwork in the Annex Gallery, and Gene will talk about the motivations and creations of these artists.

May 20, 7 pm
Frank Klein: A Bookseller's Perspective

One of the things most book enthusiasts have enjoyed and miss most in today’s Internet era is just sitting together and talking “books”- telling stories of past finds, odd chaps, prognostications of the future, the lore of books and book collecting and NOBS. Frank Klein from The Bookseller, Inc. in Akron will lead us into an old time discussion at the NOBS Forum at Loganberry Books starting at 7 PM. Nostalgia and tall tales; you’d better come to protect your good name.

June 17, 7 pm
William Beyer: A History of the Veterans' Memorial Bridge

Enjoy a trip back to the years 1913-1917 and experience the construction of Cleveland’s Detroit-Superior Bridge and adjoining subway approaches. Cleveland was the fifth largest industrial city in America during this period and the bridge provided a critical link towards the growth of the west side of the city. Bill Beyer, P.E. of HNTB Corporation will present a fascinating photographic history of this bridge as contained in his book, beginning with the planning and construction and tracing the history through the streetcar era and into the modern automotive age.

July 15, 7 pm
Show and Tell

August 19, 7 pm
Brenda Logan: Volland Publishing

The 1910s and 1920s were a time when most children’s publishing houses in America were simply emulating their French and German counterparts. But a little company called P.F. Volland & Co., located in Chicago, was marching to its own beat. Volland issued stories with a distinctly American flavor, featuring original watercolor illustrations with art deco influences. The printing was sublime: a nice small size, heavy coated pages, beautiful typefaces, and stunning color-block style illustrations with delicate engraved lines. Although Volland was best known for Johnny Gruelle’s Raggedy Ann and Andy, they published many other cherished tales as well. Please feel free to bring your own Volland books to share!

September 16, 7 pm
Panel: Brick and Mortar Booksellers

Come join us for an evening of questions, answers, and discussion on the brave new world of bookselling. We’ll talk about how Internet sales, e-readers, and the demise of the bricks-and-mortar bookstore have altered the world of books forever. Bring your questions for our panel of Cleveland’s noted independent booksellers, and discuss how and why our treasured local bookshops survive.

October 21, 7 pm
Larry Rakow: Moveable Lanterns and Moveable Books

During the late 19th century, children were rewarded with a wonderful variety of novelty books that moved and popped-up from publishers such as Nister, McLoughlin, Schreiber, Saalfield, and Raphael Tuck. During the very same Victorian period, adult and child audiences thrilled to magic lantern shows featuring hand-painted slides that moved on the screen. Astonishingly, many of the same mechanisms that appeared in moveable books were used to activate lantern slides and NOBS President, Larry Rakow, will investigate this phenomenon, hosting both an authentic 19th century magic lantern show and a decidedly 21st century PowerPoint presentation investigating the similarities between the two mediums.

November 18, 7 pm
Gary Peterson: Collecting Henry Miller and Roger Jackson

Mr. Peterson will exhibit some of Miller’s watercolors and signed first editions, including Miller’s exquisite Into the Night Life, a collaboration of art and writing with Bezalel Schatz that was published in 1947. Also being exhibited will be some of Miller’s hand-typed manuscripts. Roger Jackson’s small press in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has produced some of the most collectible books on Miller, Bern Porter, and other important writers. His books are extremely collectible and very difficult to acquire.


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