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If i remember correctly, the story was part of a collection of short stories all about teddy bears/ bears. The story I am looking for is about a small village where an old woman lived in a dark castle away from the village and no one ever saw her, the village people were all frightened of her because they thought she was a witch. Then one day I think some village kids wanted to see what she was like and so they made this young village girl go up to the castle and stay there, or perhaps she got lost and ended up there, i can’t be sure but for some reason she ended up at this castle and I think she was sleeping there overnight. She may have also brought a basket with her for the old woman, so it was possibly her idea. Maybe she was trying to help the woman? She brought her teddy bear with her which is really important in the story. She saw this old woman crying I think or something but when the old woman saw this little girl’s teddy she was happy because I think it turns out that possibly her son died or something and all she wanted was a friend, she was so lonely after he died which is why she locked herself up in the castle. So this little girl gives her the teddy bear as a comfort and suddenly the old woman is really happy again and her castle turns colourful and she becomes friends with the village people and all because she was given a teddy bear. I can’t remember if the bit about the son is real, or if it was just that she was lonely and being given a teddy bear cheered her up. that was the main essence of the story.

I am from England and I am 22, and I was about 6-10 when i read this, so anywhere from 2005-2011, but it could be an older book, i really don’t know. any help finding this is so appreciated thank you. 

364N: Teddy Bear Party?

A teddy bear goes into the forest at night and comes back home each night/morning with something different about him.  A missing button, mud on him (possibly a missing hat?).  There is a little boy as the teddy bear’s owner who notices these things askew.  (this is not a Fred Asche book).   Maybe the boy starts to go with the bear at the end, the boy might follow the bear into the woods after he notices that things are different about him.  
The cover had a teddy bear forward facing (wearing overalls I think) and the little boy (blonde?).  Most likely from the late 80’s early 90’s.  The book was light colored and had speckles and a frame like border about an inch or so inset from the outside edge.  

336Z: Deflated Teddy Bear

The book is about a child and I think his baby cousin comes to visit. The cousin gets peanut butter all over the snout of the child’s favorite stuffed bear.

The child’s grandparent comes to the rescue and cleans the bear. To do so, the stuffing has to be pulled out and there are adorable pictures of the deflated bear before it gets washed and while it is drying.
The story ends with the grandparent saying they would take the child and the bear out the next time the baby comes to visit. The book is probably from the 1980’s.

333O: Bedtime Story Anthology

Looking for an old Children’s book I had when I was a child and I can’t seem to find it anywhere!
I’m almost positive the cover is blue, and I believe it has something about bedtime stories in the title (but I’m not positive about that). It is an anthology – there are at least 3 stories in the book – one about a girl who gets to visit the fair when it comes to town, one told from the point of view of a teddy bear who gets a surprise birthday thrown for him and one about a child visiting dreamland.

301Q: Choosing a bear (Solved)

Looking for a children’s picture book, possibly published between 1970 and 1990.

The book is about a child going into a store (I think) to choose a bear. There are many to choose from which we are introduced to on the following pages, groom bear, bride bear, stinky bear, sleepy bear, etc.

In the end the child is asked “which one will you choose?” and his/her choice.

294Z: It’s not Paddington

Children picture book about a bear, illustrated with photos of stuff bear in activities-short tale- seems he traveled- I remember suitcase – I knew it in 50’s might be older-I would check from OakCliff – Dallas library – know just where it is but library is gone – prob 10 x 13 size few pages.

It’s not a Paddington bear – I’m familiar with him and in this one the illustrations are photographs of the stuffed bear in the activities.

263D: A girl and her teddy bear (Solved)

Hello, I’m looking for a book I had as a child. It’s about a teddy bear who is owned by a little girl, and on her birthday she has a party. He can hear all the noise and excitement and gets curious. So he sneaks down the stairs and watches what’s going on through the railing. The girl is opening her presents and is so excited and happy that the teddy thinks she must not want him anymore. So he goes back upstairs and crawls under her bed to hide and be forgotten. Some time later, the little girl and her friend are playing in her room and happen to look under the bed, and they find the teddy bear, he is all dusty and ripped up. The girl is so happy, and her and her friend get the sewing kit and play hospital while they sew him up.


I have been searching for years and so has my mom. She has suggested that perhaps I remember two books as one, but I know that’s not the case. Please help! Thank you so much!