294Z: It’s not Paddington

Children picture book about a bear, illustrated with photos of stuff bear in activities-short tale- seems he traveled- I remember suitcase – I knew it in 50’s might be older-I would check from OakCliff – Dallas library – know just where it is but library is gone – prob 10 x 13 size few pages.

It’s not a Paddington bear – I’m familiar with him and in this one the illustrations are photographs of the stuffed bear in the activities.

8 thoughts on “294Z: It’s not Paddington

  1. Ellysa

    Could this be The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright? These are black and white photos of Mr. Bear (a stuffed bear) and Edith (a blonde haired doll).

  2. Natalie

    Was this a Steiff bear in vividly colored photographs? I had a book like than circa 1960. You might google the images for “Steiff Bears in books” and see if they look familiar.

  3. Miriam

    Maybe Bialosky? I don’t know the author, but we had “Bialosky Stays Home” where the bear makes cookies. Board book with few pages and few words.


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