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268V: Early 70s B&W Photos Perforated Pages (Solved!)

I have searched for years for a book I once owned; I cannot remember the title, but the physicality of the book remains vivid.  It was paper-bound, roughly 8″ square, and I think there was a good deal of yellow in the cover design.  Most of the book consisted of perforated pages, with four 4″-square black-and-white photos per page, meant to be torn out and used as focal objects for meditation (or perhaps divination, in the manner of tarot cards).  The photo pages were printed on heavy card stock and had photos on each side.  The images were varied: people, landscapes, buildings, etc., all inviting contemplative regard.  There were also pages of text in the front of the book describing ways of using the photo cards.  My other lasting memory is that the book was the same size as Ram Dass’s Be Here Now (published 1971), so that, once all the photos had been torn out, the Ram Dass book could more or less fit into the space left behind.  Since this book does not neatly fit any standard category, I’ve never been able to track it down.  Many thanks to anyone who might share this memory with me and know the title.

353D: The Adventures of Thistle the Raccoon (Solved!)

So my book is a children’s book.  It was mostly pictures but also some text and a little story to go along with the photos.  It is from the 70s/80s as the 80s were when I was taking the book out of the library.  It was about a raccoon named Thistle.  I am pretty sure of the name but it followed the story and pictures of a racoon with that name.  I hope that is enough to go on as I haven’t found it anywhere.  They were actual photographs and not drawings.  And I’m pretty sure there was a picture of Thistle on the cover.

349K: Silver Bells

My sister and I remember reading a book in the 90s that was word for word the lyrics to silver bells. It had photos that matched the lyrics – I remember the city sidewalks / busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style page was a snowy city street, darker outside, I believe with wreaths and other Christmas decor around town. I believe the whole song was printed out on the last page. It was a larger book, maybe 12” x 6” in size. Darker cover, hardback.

349H: 60s or 70s Black and White Silhouette Book

I’m trying to find a book for a friend and wanted to see if you might be able to offer any advice. My friend’s late father was a photographer and had a black and white nude silhouettes book published back in the 60s or 70s. Unfortunately, my friend’s copy was lost many years ago and never found. I don’t have the title, but it would have been published under Bill Coco or Francis V. Coco. Any advice on how I might be able to try and find it? All suggestions are welcome! I’d love to try and make my friend’s holiday by finding this! I hope you can help. 


345H: The Perfect Shot (Solved!)

My grandson remembers a book he wants to read again. He’s 26 and thinks he was around ten when I read it to him. Setting is Africa in the bush and the whole “journey/goal” is leading toward this main character “hunting" down a tiger and getting the “perfect shot”. At the end the hunter turns out to be a photographer and what an ending that was - the tension in the library was so high when I read that story. So I’m glad my grandson remembers that book.

I was a librarian in a pre-school through 3rd grade school and I bought it for our library so that would be between 1995 and 2005 but that doesn’t mean it was a new book at that time. I often bought used books from some big online store in Portland as we were just learning how to “Google” items like that way back then 🙂

329W: Caribbean Island Adventures With Photos

I am looking for a book that I think my parents must have brought back from a Caribbean vacation in the 70s. It was the story of a bunch of island kids, boys and girls of different ages, maybe set in the Bahamas, or maybe not that specific, but definitely in the English-speaking Caribbean. Any adults were marginal background characters. There was a hand-drawn map of their island that showed beaches, caves, meeting places, shortcuts, etc. It was essentially a picture book, but scenes from the story were illustrated with black-and-white photographs of black children (actors? the author’s kids and neighbors?) and island scenes. The combination of an exciting adventure story with actual photography was wonderful.

323W: Small White Teddy Bear Looking For A Home

I am looking for a book that I read in the mid 80s to early 90s. It is a book about a tiny white teddy bear who is lost and/or looking for a home. There are scenes of him wandering throughout a field. They also have him staged in a birdhouse…perhaps a dollhouse. This book is not illustrated. It is a series of photographs of a tiny white teddy bear staged in different locations. One of the locations is a birdhouse or dollhouse, one of the locations is a field. I don’t remember anything else. I submitted a query nearly 10 years ago, now 🙁 I’ve been looking since! Thank you


294Z: It’s not Paddington

Children picture book about a bear, illustrated with photos of stuff bear in activities-short tale- seems he traveled- I remember suitcase – I knew it in 50’s might be older-I would check from OakCliff – Dallas library – know just where it is but library is gone – prob 10 x 13 size few pages.

It’s not a Paddington bear – I’m familiar with him and in this one the illustrations are photographs of the stuffed bear in the activities.

282E: ABC Children’s Book

I am trying to find a children’s alphabet book that was produced in the 19070’s.  The book was an A to Z and contained black and white pictures.  I believe the photographer was a relatively famous Philadelphia photographer at the time.  A – was Airplane and Q – was Quilt.  The pictures were all of children – not illustrated.  I believe the authors name or photographers name was Ann or Anne.  Thank you for your help.