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371M: Stubborn Muslim nobleman leads to death

I am trying to recall the name and author of a work of historical fiction.  It is set on an island kingdom in the Mediterranean.  A Muslim nobleman ends up on the island and is taken prisoner as an “infidel.” He refuses to convert to Christianity despite the threat of execution by an Inquisitor.  He warns his captors that his nation will send a fleet to rescue him and destroy them if he is harmed or killed. Ultimately he is put to death.  At the end of the book a fleet is on the horizon in search of the now dead leader.  Destruction of the island kingdom is assured.  Can someone help me call the title and author of this wonderful and thought provoking tale?  Thanks.

364K: Rebecca’s Island (possibly)

Possible title that I remember is Rebecca’s Island. The plot is as follows:
Mother and young daughter flee an abusive or unhappy marriage. They move to the grandmother’s home I believe. She lives with a lake behind the house and Rebecca paddles a canoe to a small island in the middle of the lake. She makes the island her sort of getaway from the troubles of her home life, paddling to the island on a daily basis. There is an ominous feeling to strange people showing up. Maybe the people are looking to find the mother and daughter for the abusive husband/father.
This was read to my elementary school class maybe in the mid to late 1980s. I got the flu and was not in school to learn how the book ended.

364C: Woman and Husband Separated By Plane Accident, She and Others Survive on Island

I was reading a book on my Kindle, and it just disappeared and does not show in my history. I’ve tried searching through google but can’t find anything.
The book was about a couple who decided to go on a vacation for a honeymoon they never had. The husband’s name was Chris. They flew out of O’Hare to LA. The flight was delayed because of snow so they just missed their connecting flight out of LA. They decided to fly standby and made it on another flight however, they couldn’t sit together. 1 seat was in first class and the other was in economy. Chris gave his wife the first-class seat. She sat next to a movie star whose name was Jack. Sometime into the flight the plane encountered a bizarre storm that ripped the back of the plane off. Some first-class passengers survived and were in a raft. Eventually the survivors found an island. The pilot died in the raft. A passenger who is a nurse was in the raft and cared for the survivors.  They built a shelter on the island. The wife (sorry drawing a blank on her name) wanted to try and save her marriage with this trip, “felt” her husband was alive. While on the island about 3 months the survivors thought they saw a ship but couldn’t signal the ship. One survivor thought it looked like a pirate ship. They also commented that they could never see satellites circling at night. They decided to take shifts at the top of the island to signal ships. 
This is where the book disappeared, I REALLY a want to find and finish this book.

359P: Shipwrecked Captain Builds Life on Island, Which Goes Up in Flames

This story is illustrated, about a ship, it's captain, it's shipwreck and his rescue. I believe the book was called "The Captain of The Promise" as this line was repeated near the beginning and at the end when the captain is rescued.

Storyline: Captain of a prestigious sailing ship undertakes voyage, huge storm overtakes, ship wrecks on small island and only the captain survives. He builds a life on this small island, it all goes up in huge flames, he laments "lost, lost! My promise is lost!", he awakens the next day to see a ship that stopped because of the flames to rescue him. I can hear my father's voice reading this book when I was a kid. Please find it. For some reason I can not.

356Y: No Silverware

I don't remember the actual book title but here are some details that I remember: 1) I read it around middle school 2) It has a female protagonist 3) The plot involves a girl or young woman who gets lost at sea and winds up on a mysterious island where time doesn't exist and people don't use silverware. 4) Eventually she is found and returned to her family but the island seems to have disappeared, and she can't remember how to use forks anymore. 5) If I remember correctly it was either a middle grade or young adult book, and was most likely published before 2006.

355H: YA book with puffins and an island (Solved!)

I read a book in the late 70s or early 80s.  I think it was a 60s/early 70s book, but that’s little more than a guess.
A few years later a children’s section librarian helped me find the book again and she knew exactly what I was talking about.  Whether that speaks to the popularity of the book, or the quality of the librarian I don’t know.  🙂
The story is a number of children having adventures on an island while their parents are busy.  Researchers I think?
Puffins are involved somehow, and I THINK that is part of the name, although whether it’s the name of the book or the island I’m not sure.
They get to the island via seaplane and I think there was a seaplane on the cover.
There were at least 2 books, maybe more.
Not much, I know.  🙂
It’s funny how strong the memory of loving the book is, yet so few details remain.

348P: Island Mystery

Main Character is a young woman hired to be a companion to a teen by the teen’s guardian. Takes place on an island that you have to take a ferry to the mainland. The teen goes missing and the guardian’s younger brother says she ran away and he cuts off his hand to cover up the murder scene. There is a scene where they make oatmeal by leaving it on the stove overnight. The companion starts to be attracted to the younger brother but discovers what he did.

348K: Fat girl runs away from home by taking canoe to an island and living in the forest

I think I read this in the 4th grade (I was born in 1979). This girl was really unhappy at home, so she took a boat and rowed away to an island. On the island she learned to fend for herself. She made a cozy home either in a kind of dug out, or a hollowed out tree. She survives the winter, and eventually returns home feeling much better about herself because she has lost weight and is independent.

345U: Virgin Islands young adult mystery (Solved!)

I am searching for a young adult mystery that was set in the Virgin Islands.  The protagonist, a young woman, receives a message from her father on an alphabet shell.  I think it was her father, who is a doctor, and who has been abandoned on an island.
Please help me.  This book was a seminal influence on my desire to live on islands. I now live in Manhattan.