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374O: Doll family loses grandfather in garden

This is a book from the 1990’s because I remember buying it for my son who was born in 1989.  It was about a doll family, or a tiny statue family who lived in the bathroom (?) and a child played with them when they took a bath.  At some point one of the statues/dolls gets lost– grandfather or grandmother and they think it blew into the garden when the window was open. They all decide to go look for the missing statue, and have adventures in the garden.  They find the statue and it ends with the grandma and grandpa dancing together.  Beautiful colored illustrations.d

364K: Rebecca’s Island (possibly)

Possible title that I remember is Rebecca’s Island. The plot is as follows:
Mother and young daughter flee an abusive or unhappy marriage. They move to the grandmother’s home I believe. She lives with a lake behind the house and Rebecca paddles a canoe to a small island in the middle of the lake. She makes the island her sort of getaway from the troubles of her home life, paddling to the island on a daily basis. There is an ominous feeling to strange people showing up. Maybe the people are looking to find the mother and daughter for the abusive husband/father.
This was read to my elementary school class maybe in the mid to late 1980s. I got the flu and was not in school to learn how the book ended.

361S: Tiny Grandma Comes Out of Phone

I am looking for a children's book

- Guessing it may be written in 1970’s to 1980’s (I read it in the 80’s)

- A little boy is being babysat and ignored by his sitter. He calls his grandmother and falls asleep when he’s on the phone with her.

- He dreams that a tiny version of his grandmother slides out of the old rotary phone, and dances and plays with him all night.

353T: Teen girl road trips with grandma & kidnappers

The book I’m seeking was written in the 1960s or 70s.  A young lady (probably a teenager) was going on a cross-country road trip with her grandmother.  They were to meet up with her boyfriend coming from the other direction.  The girl drove, not the grandmother.  They each put colorful pieces of material on their antennae so they could spot each other on the road.  At some point, the ladies decided to give a ride to hitchhikers who ended up ‘hijacking’ them and holding them hostage as they drove for days.  Eventually, all turned out well and they met up with the boyfriend.