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374O: Doll family loses grandfather in garden

This is a book from the 1990’s because I remember buying it for my son who was born in 1989.  It was about a doll family, or a tiny statue family who lived in the bathroom (?) and a child played with them when they took a bath.  At some point one of the statues/dolls gets lost– grandfather or grandmother and they think it blew into the garden when the window was open. They all decide to go look for the missing statue, and have adventures in the garden.  They find the statue and it ends with the grandma and grandpa dancing together.  Beautiful colored illustrations.d

373X: One Fine Grandpa?

This was a children’s book where the grandpa lives with his grandkids (for some reason I think he lives above their garage?) and is starting to get dementia. He keeps insisting nothing is wrong with him- he just has a sinus infection? I thought the book was called One Fine Grandpa. I remember reading this book in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. 

263A: Old man with mustache tells grandson the story of how his hair turned white (Solved)

I would have read this book in the early to mid 90’s but I’m not sure if that’s when it was published. I remember that it was shelved with the Halloween books at my local library. An old man who has a white mustache is telling his grandson (may have been multiple grandchildren) about how his hair turned white. In his story he is pictured as a young boy but he still has the mustache, I remember thinking this was hilarious as a child. The gist of the story as far as I remember it is that when he was young he went into a haunted house or witch’s house on Halloween night and when he came out his hair had turned white. I have been wracking my brains for ages trying to remember the title of this book, I would love to read it again.