364C: Woman and Husband Separated By Plane Accident, She and Others Survive on Island

I was reading a book on my Kindle, and it just disappeared and does not show in my history. I’ve tried searching through google but can’t find anything.
The book was about a couple who decided to go on a vacation for a honeymoon they never had. The husband’s name was Chris. They flew out of O’Hare to LA. The flight was delayed because of snow so they just missed their connecting flight out of LA. They decided to fly standby and made it on another flight however, they couldn’t sit together. 1 seat was in first class and the other was in economy. Chris gave his wife the first-class seat. She sat next to a movie star whose name was Jack. Sometime into the flight the plane encountered a bizarre storm that ripped the back of the plane off. Some first-class passengers survived and were in a raft. Eventually the survivors found an island. The pilot died in the raft. A passenger who is a nurse was in the raft and cared for the survivors.  They built a shelter on the island. The wife (sorry drawing a blank on her name) wanted to try and save her marriage with this trip, “felt” her husband was alive. While on the island about 3 months the survivors thought they saw a ship but couldn’t signal the ship. One survivor thought it looked like a pirate ship. They also commented that they could never see satellites circling at night. They decided to take shifts at the top of the island to signal ships. 
This is where the book disappeared, I REALLY a want to find and finish this book.

4 thoughts on “364C: Woman and Husband Separated By Plane Accident, She and Others Survive on Island

  1. Kate

    Could this be a novelization of the tv show Lost? The description is pretty similar. If it’s not an official novelization, perhaps it disappeared because it was found to be plagiarized from the show.


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