252C: A real house, a real teddy bear and the London Bridge (Solved)


This was a cherished book I had as a child (I am 47). The book was unique in that the illustrations were of rooms in a real house, with a real teddy bear. In the book I think the bear was “alive”. I can recollect something about the London bridge.

3 thoughts on “252C: A real house, a real teddy bear and the London Bridge (Solved)

  1. celeste

    Could be Edith and Mr. Bear by Dare Wright: Edith, “The Lonely Doll,” is fascinated by the pendulum and gears visible within Mr. Bear’s expensive new mantle clock. When she climbs up on a stack of books to get a better look, both Edith and the clock fall down with a crash! Unable to confess that she has broken it, Edith’s guilty conscience makes her so unhappy that she can’t even enjoy her birthday party. Sad, she wanders about the city for a day. It takes Mr. Bear’s sympathetic understanding for Edith to regain her happiness and realize that telling the truth was the right thing to do all along.

    Another suggestion is Places I Visit: A Teddy Bear’s Adventures by Donna Kelly with photos by Gerry Swart.

  2. deweysmamasquirrel

    Or The Lonely Doll itself, the first book about Edith and the bears. There is one photo of her and Little Bear going “too far away alone,” and they appear to be on a large bridge.

  3. Sue Miller

    THIS WAS IT!!! The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I ordered this book, along with Edith and Mr. Bear!! I can’t wait to get them!!!!!

    Thanks again!!!!!!


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