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368C: Service Boys dirt track car racing series (Solved!)

– Fiction – Vintage series – 1970s or earlier – about dirt track racing written for kids. It was checked located in the children’s section of the library. Trying to find these books as a gift for a friend who remembers them very fondly, but doesn’t remember details, just that it was a series and of course, that it was about dirt track car racing.

365A: Vintage Little Golden Book showing car driving through a large tree

I am trying to find a book from my childhood that showed a car traveling through a large tree. I was a child of the 80’s, so the book would have been published before then. I remembered reading it at my grand mothers house so it may have been a very old book!  I believe it was from the Golden Book series and I am guessing the book was about road trips, or traveling, or large trees or California since that is the only place I know of that has drive through trees. That book recently inspired my bucket list trip to Northern California to actually drive through a tree and now I want to find the book that inspired the trip! I have been searching, but have not had any luck finding the book. Thanks in advance for your help!

358T: Boy Coming of Age With the Edsel

I’m hoping you can help me with the name and author of a book I started reading in 1996/97 as a teenager. I was about 1/4 of the way through it (it was a very large book if I recall) and was quite enjoying it…until my mother confiscated it because it wasn’t “church approved” 🙄 It was the story of a young boy in the 50’s. On the cover was a picture of an Edsel. The story sort of centralized on that car, and I *think* the father worked at the Edsel factory. There were a lot of coming of age themes, and I’ve never forgotten that book and wish to finish it now that I have my own teenagers. The author was a male, and he had multiple other books that I cannot remember either.