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347U: Girl Sent to Live with Her Father Who Is a Pilot (Solved!)

I have been trying for years to remember the title of a book I read in the late 1960s or early 1970s when I was somewhere between third and fifth grade, I think.
Details I can remember: A young girl is sent to live with her father despite her not knowing him well. Over time, though, they develop a warm relationship. The father is a pilot and I believe the story takes place on a military base where the father lives. I may be mistaken but the base could be in Hawaii. I also remember that a Japanese man works at the house, maybe as a butler.
If you could possibly tell me what the title of this book is, I would be beyond grateful.
Thank you so much!

315U: Tales of World War II Aviation

Hi, looking for a book published in the 1950's. It is a collection of short stories relating to WWII aviation. It included stories set in North Africa, Italy, etc. Each short story included a pastel-ish illustration of a theme of the story. The planes included the P-38, British Mosquito, P-51, etc. The book was maybe an inch thick. Blue hard cover. Thanks so much!