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365A: Vintage Little Golden Book showing car driving through a large tree

I am trying to find a book from my childhood that showed a car traveling through a large tree. I was a child of the 80’s, so the book would have been published before then. I remembered reading it at my grand mothers house so it may have been a very old book!  I believe it was from the Golden Book series and I am guessing the book was about road trips, or traveling, or large trees or California since that is the only place I know of that has drive through trees. That book recently inspired my bucket list trip to Northern California to actually drive through a tree and now I want to find the book that inspired the trip! I have been searching, but have not had any luck finding the book. Thanks in advance for your help!

330R: Blue Kitten Wins First Prize

I remember having a book as a little girl that was either a Little Golden Book or similar to, about a family that found a little dirty stray kitten. They took it home and gave it a bath and were surprised to find it was a white kitten. Then the kitten jumped out of the sink and fell into a tub of blueing, dyeing itself pale blue. They put a ribbon on it and it won first place at the pet show. Thank you.

249D: On the trail of a stolen dog

This is a book my 84 year old grandma talks about reading as a little girl, in the 4th grade– it would be so special to find it for her! She believes it was a golden book, circa 1940. The book features a man with a red and black plaid shirt that stole a little boys dog. The man denied stealing the dog, but eventually the dog got away from the mean man and made it back home. When he got home, he had a piece of the man’s red and black plaid shirt still caught in his tooth. The little boy and his father then had proof in the piece of cloth and confronted the mean man. Sorry I don’t have more details for you! Let me know if there is more I can do to aid in your search and I will ask my grandmother for further details.
Thanks again for your time and consideration.