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368S: 90s Board Book, Mouse Birthday

I am in search of a board book I read in the early 90s, probably somewhere between 1991 and 1998. It was a board book, squarish (maybe 5″x5″?) and about 1-1.5” thick. It was probably intended for pre-K children. I believe the cover was a pale pastel yellow or pale pastel green. There was a vignette on the front with the mouse family I believe. The illustration style was not cartoonish, more similar to Brambly Hedge books, though it was not a Brambly Hedge book.
From what I can recall, in the book a little girl mouse in a white dress is sad because she believes her family has forgotten her birthday, however the family is busy readying a surprise for her. The mother has baked her favorite food, cheesecake, her sister (maybe called Sister Mouse?) has made her a card with a heart drawn on it, her favorite shape, I believe her father carves her a little wooden chair with a heart design in its back, and two other mice siblings are drawing a Happy Birthday banner? The main character mouse I recall as having a large pink nose. 
Other books that have been suggested but are not the book I’m looking for:

-It is not “Happy Birthday, Babymouse!” by Jennifer Holm (though I was certain this was the title of the book, I must be wrong) -It is not from the Angelina Ballerina, Brambly Hedge, or Beatrix Potter series. I am not aware of it being from any series, although it could possibly be a Golden Book? -It is not Happy Birthday, Mouse! by Kate Stone, Little Mouse’s Happy Birthday by Robin Spowart, Mouse’s Birthday by Jane Yolen, or Amanda Mouse and the Birthday Cake by Gyles Brandret.

I adored this book as a child and it was lost when a pipe burst in the basement of my childhood home. I didn’t think it would be difficult to find a copy of it, remembering so many details, but when I searched, “Happy birthday, Baby Mouse!” which I had been certain was the title, I came up with various books that are not the book I’m looking for. 
I would be so incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me find this book. 

362G: Christmas Board Book with Little Lights and Music

I have been searching for this book for years with no luck. It is a LONG LONG SHOT probably impossible 😫 but hopefully someone may know or may have had it too as a child.

I had a children’s Christmas book around 1993- 1996 that came from the The Book People (or a very similar company) that came to my mums work place. It was a large book between A3 maybe even A2 size, it had little coloured lights that came through tiny holes onto each page that flashed and it played music when you pressed a button. The button was within the page.

It wasn’t an old fashioned looking book. I unfortunately don’t remember the front cover picture (if I saw it I think I would!!) but I do remember one page had a large snowy scene with Father Christmas flying on his sleigh. It was a thick board book. I know this is not a lot to go on but I loved this book so much and would love to find it again for my children 🤞🏼


– Large Christmas board book A3/A2 size
– From The Book People or similar book club company (UK)
– Around 1993 – 1996 time
– It had little multicoloured lights that flashed. They were on the back page but came through tiny holes onto each page.
– There was a button which you pressed and it played a tune.

358G: Children’s Book with Elevator

I have been searching google all day with no luck even finding the right title to this book.
I would imagine it was published sometime between 1990 and 1998. I am almost 34 (born in 1987) and loved this book as a child.
This book was shaped like a sky scraper – not a usual rectangle! It was a hardcover and all the pages were also board book material. I don’t recall any words or an actual story — just illustrations.
A track ran through the center of the book with a small plastic square that was an elevator you could move up and down the length of the book. The illustrations inside were the many floors of the building carved up into various different shops and businesses. For hours I would pretend to ride the elevator around running errands in the book.
It’s driving me nuts knowing this book existed (my brother remembers it too) but not being able to find anything even remotely like it after hours of searching online. I now have a daughter who I know would enjoy it just as much if I could find a copy. Although honestly just knowing the title and being able to see pictures of it would suffice!

330K: 12 Months Of The Year Board Book

Hi! The book I am looking for is a tiny board book, about 2 or 3 inches square, of the 12 months of the year.  The illustrations are of a little girl and boy, a bit like Eloise Wilkins drawings or Tasha Tudor – large round heads, very sweet.  The only month I remember clearly is February, where they are cutting out valentines and it is snowing outside the window.  There was one summer beach scene – buckets and sand maybe, or a sailboat. The book would have been published before 1988 or 1989, as my son was born in 1986. Thank you!

330J: Interactive red/yellow circle piece board book

This is a children’s board book.  I believe the pages are all white with black font writing.  This is an interactive pull tab book where, to start, you drop an actual red and yellow sided counter disc into the book.  Each page changes the color of the disc going from red to yellow.  I am not sure if the red/yellow color is necessary as perhaps other color counters may have been used?  It may have been about shapes.  I suspect it may have been a 1980’s or 1990’s book.  You can pull tabs, slide, flip and open pages to reveal the counter.  It was my son’s favorite book for years.  We cannot find it and he mentioned it to me the other day.  I would like to find it for his 14th birthday if I can.  Thank you.

320B: Funny Honey Bunny

My mother used to read a book to me non-stop. It was a rhyming book and I believe the mother and baby bunny played peek-a-boo. I think it was a cardboard / board book.
Part of the book goes like this:
I see a bump
Oops the bump jumped
Who’s under there?
It’s someone funny…
It’s my funny honey bunny!

229F: Board Book that lets children change faces

I’m looking for a book for a friend. She read it as a child and unfortunately her description is limited but here’s what I’ve got:

It’s likely a children’s board book. One is able to change the faces and/or bodies of the pictures by sliding parts of the faces/bodies left or right. For example, the top slidable third would be the eyes, the middle slidable third would be the nose, and the bottom third would be the mouth. Thus, one can alter different faces by horizontally sliding each of these thirds left or right.

Also, this friend described a similar (the same book?) that broke down into thirds the bodies of the pictures into head, torso and legs. Same as above. Once can slide the face to, say, a fireman with a helmet, the torso to a ballerina wearing a tutu, and the legs to a man’s suit.

Hoping you can at least give me some leads as to where to find these book(s).

Thank you!