229F: Board Book that lets children change faces

I’m looking for a book for a friend. She read it as a child and unfortunately her description is limited but here’s what I’ve got:

It’s likely a children’s board book. One is able to change the faces and/or bodies of the pictures by sliding parts of the faces/bodies left or right. For example, the top slidable third would be the eyes, the middle slidable third would be the nose, and the bottom third would be the mouth. Thus, one can alter different faces by horizontally sliding each of these thirds left or right.

Also, this friend described a similar (the same book?) that broke down into thirds the bodies of the pictures into head, torso and legs. Same as above. Once can slide the face to, say, a fireman with a helmet, the torso to a ballerina wearing a tutu, and the legs to a man’s suit.

Hoping you can at least give me some leads as to where to find these book(s).

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “229F: Board Book that lets children change faces

  1. Eleni

    If there’s a bit of wiggle room on those details: Norman Messenger made at least two books like this-of faces, rather than bodies-but they, too, contained slidable rather than flippable parts, and the faces were definitely divided into more than three sections.


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