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368S: 90s Board Book, Mouse Birthday

I am in search of a board book I read in the early 90s, probably somewhere between 1991 and 1998. It was a board book, squarish (maybe 5″x5″?) and about 1-1.5” thick. It was probably intended for pre-K children. I believe the cover was a pale pastel yellow or pale pastel green. There was a vignette on the front with the mouse family I believe. The illustration style was not cartoonish, more similar to Brambly Hedge books, though it was not a Brambly Hedge book.
From what I can recall, in the book a little girl mouse in a white dress is sad because she believes her family has forgotten her birthday, however the family is busy readying a surprise for her. The mother has baked her favorite food, cheesecake, her sister (maybe called Sister Mouse?) has made her a card with a heart drawn on it, her favorite shape, I believe her father carves her a little wooden chair with a heart design in its back, and two other mice siblings are drawing a Happy Birthday banner? The main character mouse I recall as having a large pink nose. 
Other books that have been suggested but are not the book I’m looking for:

-It is not “Happy Birthday, Babymouse!” by Jennifer Holm (though I was certain this was the title of the book, I must be wrong) -It is not from the Angelina Ballerina, Brambly Hedge, or Beatrix Potter series. I am not aware of it being from any series, although it could possibly be a Golden Book? -It is not Happy Birthday, Mouse! by Kate Stone, Little Mouse’s Happy Birthday by Robin Spowart, Mouse’s Birthday by Jane Yolen, or Amanda Mouse and the Birthday Cake by Gyles Brandret.

I adored this book as a child and it was lost when a pipe burst in the basement of my childhood home. I didn’t think it would be difficult to find a copy of it, remembering so many details, but when I searched, “Happy birthday, Baby Mouse!” which I had been certain was the title, I came up with various books that are not the book I’m looking for. 
I would be so incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me find this book. 

352V: Little Bit

I have been on the search for many years for a book I loved as a child.  I was born in 1959, it’s possible the book was written in the 60’s.
The title is “Little Bit”, about a young mouse and his family, having struggles in life for being so small.
Having Grandchildren I would very much like to find this as my copy has been lost in the shuffle throughout the years.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

352J: Pizza grows on trees?

I have a memory of a children’s book from the 80s — it was interactive with flaps and things you could pull. I have two clear memories of it. One page had a tree with lots of foods you could pull out — like a slice of pizza and an orange. Another page had little doors you could open for each letter of the alphabet–each one had a name starting with the letter from the alphabet (I remember Quentin and Xavier) and when you opened the door it would either say “Quentin is in” or “Quentin is out”). I believe each character was a mouse and if they were in, you would see them in their little window. If they were out, it would be empty. I think, actually, that the whole book might have been themed around these mice and that it might have been called something like “Mr. ____ Mice.” But even though I’ve tried to search for it many times, that clearly hasn’t been enough info to turn up the book I want! It seems to me like it might have been a Dr. Seuss knock-off, one of those books that sort of looks and sounds like Dr. Seuss but isn’t. Don’t know if that’s enough to locate a book! But grateful for any help you can give me.

344A: Girl With Big Family Discovers Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I do not know the title of the children’s book I’m looking for.
All I know is that the book is about, I believe, a little girl (not sure if real girl or animal girl).  I want to say it may be a mouse family or pig family, but either way she has a big family and she tries to take a bath but someone is in the bath, then she tries to read in her reading spot, which is a big rock outside but someone is on it.  Then her family either moves or leaves for the day and she is left alone in the house which at first she enjoys as she takes a bath by herself and reads in her favorite reading spot.  But pretty soon she realizes that the house is empty and she is lonely.  Eventually, her whole family returns home or comes back to get her and she’s happy again.  I thought the name of the protagonist was Petunia or something similar to that, but I couldn’t find it when I searched.

288C: Family of mice take a beach vacation

I’m looking for a children’s book from the 50’s or 60’s.  I can’t remember the title.  The book is about a family of mice that ride a train to the beach for vacation.  They are dressed up like people (in clothes) for the train ride and I can see (in my mind) their little tails coming out of their clothes.  They love the sand, the beach and the creatures on the beach.

The illustrations are color but I’d say that they are pretty minimal – that is to say  – great illustrations but not a lot of extra stuff in them.


I sure hope you can locate this book.