362Y: Girls in 1940’s International Boarding School

Seeking a book published probably in ‘40’s about girls at an international boarding school. Two sisters have problems adjusting, one wants to be like French girl Mimi who has black hair and wears red. Both girls eventually adjust with youngest who is a tomboy having a boyfriend who gives her Marron glaces. There is a plot involving skiing. This book belonged to my aunt and I probably read it in the mid-70’s and it was old even then. I think there was a character named Berthe or Bertha.

6 thoughts on “362Y: Girls in 1940’s International Boarding School

  1. mary/skippercollector

    “And Both were Young,” by Madeleine L’Engle, copyright 1949. The European boarding school and skiing lessons were included in this story. This is one of L’Engle’s earliest books and I think it is somehow related to her Austin family books.

  2. Mary/skippercollector

    Madeleine L’engle’s first novel was called And Both Were Young and was published in 1949. It is about a teen girl in a boarding school in Europe and she learns to ski.

  3. Devorah Klein

    Could this be from the very long Chalet School book series? I can try to pinpoint an exact book if that sounds familiar.


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