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363G: College Romance Where Girl Has Gift to Know Soulmate

This is a college or sports romance. Main character named Brooklyn? Transfers to New college with bff. Meets love interest after football game. Instantly falls in love because family has a gift to know their soulmate when they find them. Not caveman series. I read it in 2014 on Kindle. She’s poor and he spoils her. I remember he got hers uggs in the book.

362Y: Girls in 1940’s International Boarding School

Seeking a book published probably in ‘40’s about girls at an international boarding school. Two sisters have problems adjusting, one wants to be like French girl Mimi who has black hair and wears red. Both girls eventually adjust with youngest who is a tomboy having a boyfriend who gives her Marron glaces. There is a plot involving skiing. This book belonged to my aunt and I probably read it in the mid-70’s and it was old even then. I think there was a character named Berthe or Bertha.

345Y: American Girl “Self Improvement”

I am looking for the title of a book given to me by my father around mid-late 1960’s.
It was about a pre-teen girl growing up, trying to improve, organize and schedule her day to day life. More like a Nancy Drew “good girl” type, unruly hair, awkward.
I think it must have been written earlier, 1940’s or 50’s.
The book was written in the first person, humorous and light.
I remember a strict but kind father, older sister and school friends/enemies.
Possibly a first dance. Lots of list and schedule making to improve herself, waking, school work, etc., minute by minute.
That’s all I’ve got. Maybe this will ring a bell with someone.
Thank you.

259A: A shameful delicious lunch (Solved)

My query is on a book I read in the mid 1960’s, however I don’t know when it was published.  It was a child’s book about a young student (I  believe a girl)  whose parents worked in a restaurant.  Because of that, she “had” to bring lovely, delicious restaurant leftovers for her school lunches.  I vividly remember the descriptions of her covering her desk with a checked cloth, and taking out all this elegant, gourmet food.  The twist was that she was ashamed of her lunches, for being different.  I hope you can help!