362X: Children’s David Lee Roth Short Story (Solved!)

I’m looking for a children’s book of short stories I received as a gift in the 80s. I think the front cover had a photo of an eagle with people standing on it. It may have been a blue cover.

I do remember one of the short stories was about two sisters in a fight. The younger sister accidentally drew a pen mark on her older sister’s David Lee Roth poster and when she tried to erase it she rubbed a hole through.

3 thoughts on “362X: Children’s David Lee Roth Short Story (Solved!)

  1. Gill

    It’s one of the stories in “Free to be… a family” by Marlo Thomas. Published 1988.

    Blue Cover. People on the cover.

    p.45 ‘The Right Family’

    1. Brittney

      YES! Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. I’ve been at a total loss trying to remember what this book could be.

  2. Maya

    Oh my goodness, so glad it was solved!! I could only remember the David Lee Roth poster story and it was killing me!!


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