353D: The Adventures of Thistle the Raccoon (Solved!)

So my book is a children’s book.  It was mostly pictures but also some text and a little story to go along with the photos.  It is from the 70s/80s as the 80s were when I was taking the book out of the library.  It was about a raccoon named Thistle.  I am pretty sure of the name but it followed the story and pictures of a racoon with that name.  I hope that is enough to go on as I haven’t found it anywhere.  They were actual photographs and not drawings.  And I’m pretty sure there was a picture of Thistle on the cover.

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  1. Melissa

    There are two books by by Era Zistel about a raccoon named Thistle which are illustrated with photographs. They may be diffferent editions of the same stories as there’s a 20 year gap between publishing. The earlier one is more likely to be your book as it has a photograph of a raccoon on the cover.

    Thistle (1967) Random House. The story of an unusual friendship between a raccoon and a kitten

    Thistle & co (1981)Little, Brown. The story of a raccoon and two skunks who live with the author for a few seasons before returning to the wild.

    1. Steve

      Hello! I am the person with the query! Thank you for finding it! I am pretty sure it is the version with the picture on it and I have purchased that eBay copy! Sorry for the delay as the email went to spam! Thanks!!


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