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331R: Sabre Jet Pilot

This book is autobiographical. I read it somewhere between the fall of 1973 and summer of 1976, acquiring it from my junior high school library. As I recall, the book is about a young Canadian who becomes a Sabre jet pilot and becomes stationed in West Germany during the Cold War. It covers the missions he flew, but it is also about what led him to flying and his engineering education and career. At one point during college he builds a small hovercraft using a vacuum cleaner motor. Of course, that intrigued me, a teenage boy with an interest in science and engineering. I’ve Googled and googled, but while there are lots of books about men who flew the Sabre, I can’t find this one.

331Q: Children’s Book With Bunnies And Colored Eggs

It’s a book from the 1950s or 1960s, I believe.  I thought it was a Little Golden Book, but I’ve reviewed all their titles and I don’t think it is.  It’s little rabbits (pretty sure rabbits — it’s not the Color Kittens) who each end up with a different color egg.  Blue like the sky, green like clover.  One, I believe, ends up with a black egg.  The eggs were deeply saturated colors, and I remember thinking how beautiful they were.

Any ideas?

331P: The Book Of Secrets

There are many, many books out there with this particular title but the I’m looking for is very hard to find. It was written by a collection of authors such as; princes, sheikhs, masons, rulers, kings etc. between 1820 and 1920.

The subject of the book is governments; Advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of different forms of government. Example: Democracies, communism, monarchy, democratic parliaments. It talks about different rituals, different orders like Roscicrucians, Knight Templars, etc.
Around 1500 pages
Leather bound

331O: Scary Stories, Author Visited Louisville KY Around Turn Of Millennium

I remember my family reading a collection of scary stories in our backyard around a fire. The author, a woman, visited our city (outside of Louisville, KY) to do a book reading around this time, and that’s how we discovered her book. This would have been anywhere between 1998-2003-ish. I remember very little about the plot to the individual stories, unfortunately — perhaps one about involved a tree and ribbons? It’s very possible that memory of the plot is just mushing other scary stories together… I’ve tried searching newspaper archives to see if there’s coverage of her book-signing, but so far no luck.

331N: Colored Triangles on Page Corners

Looking for a children’s picture book, probably mid- to late-1950s or early 1960s. Size of a Golden book, but not that publisher. There were large-ish colored triangles on top corners of each page (maybe bottoms, too). May have had an illustration of a little child dressed up as a cowboy; I seem to remember something about a lasso. Maybe a lasso acted as the frame of a page or pages as well. Bright, cheerful colors.

331M: Deathwatch meets The Most Dangerous Game

I read this YA book in the mid to late 70’s. It is definitely NOT Deathwatch or The Most Dangerous Game but it has similarities to both.  A man is being hunted by another man – I think simply because the hunter enjoys it.  I’m not sure if the hunted man has any weapons or vehicle.  The setting may be Africa or the southwest US.  There are a couple of plot twists.  The hunted man meets someone who offers to help him, but then it turns out that person also wants to kill him.  And then in another twist, maybe that turns out to be a mistaken impression. Or maybe the first guy ends up helping the hunted man because it turns out the second guy is the real bad guy.  The question of who he can trust is a big part of the plot.

331L: War Kids Seek Treasure

The book I am trying to identify was written over 60 years ago, and it features a group of children ages five or so through 14, or thereabouts.  They have been sent to the country because of the Second World War, and they become convinced there is lost treasure in the vicinity.  The only scene I remember takes place in church.  The younger kids are shocked and scandalized during the service as the collection basket enters their pew.  The eldest, instead of putting a coin in, pulls one out!  This is their first real clue.  The coin turns out to be a genuine gold doubloon.  The eldest boy may have been named Emil.  Do you know which book this is?

331J: Kid Sends Re-Inflated Moon Back To Sky

I was born in 1991 and my sister, who was born in 1988, remembers this book too, but neither of us can remember the title or what year it was published.
All we can remember is that a little kid can see the moon out their window at night while laying in bed. One night the moon is gone, so the kid goes looking for it. They find the moon in their backyard all deflated and crumpled up and dirty. They wash the moon off and inflate it again and send it back up to the sky. I recall a page where the kid is talking to their neighbor along a fence while their neighbor is on a ladder and trims or waters their hedges.

331I: Father Injured During Gold Rush, Daughter Sells Hardtack to Miners

The book I am looking for is a YA about a young girl that hides in her father’s wagon when he heads to California for the gold rush. She brings a small pail of milk and it churns into butter. At some point they meet up with a lady and possibly another child, the dad gets sick or injured, maybe he dies. They go to San Francisco? – their house is on a hill? – and start baking and selling hardtack for the other miners. The book describes ships sitting in the bay empty due to the sailors abandoning them to look for gold. One night several of the ships catch fire. I read it in the mid eighties, definitely before 1990.