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Welcome to the Stump the Bookseller blog!  Stump the Bookseller is a service offered by Loganberry Books to reconnect people to the books they love but can’t quite remember. In brief (for more detailed information see our About page), people can post their memories here, and the hivemind goes to work. After all, the collective mind of bibliophiles, readers, parents and librarians around the world is much better than just a few of us thinking. Together with these wonderful Stumper Magicians, we have a nearly 50% success rate in finding these long lost but treasured books. The more concrete the book description, the better the success rate, of course.  It is a labor of love to keep it going, and there is a modest fee.  Please see the How To page to find price information and details on how to submit your Book Stumper and payment.

Thanks to everyone involved to keep this forum going: our blogging team, the well-read Stumper Magicians, the many referrals, and of course to everyone who fondly remembers the wonder of books from their childhood and wants to share or revisit that wonder.  Isn’t it amazing, the magic of a book?

267D: Dick-and-Jane-esque, Plus Gyp (Solved)

I have to tell this story first – I found Stump the Bookseller around a decade ago when I was in grad school in Illinois, and you all helped me find some dear books.  Then, my husband got his medical residency in Cleveland and someone told me about Loganberry Books, and I went, AND FELL IN LOVE.  Then I made the connection, and it rocked my world.  Another reason why I adore Cleveland: it has Loganberry.  (When I was in grad school, it was just a theoretical cool bookstore, not a concrete reality!)  Visit here if you can.

My stumper: my grandma had this series of square, paperback books, probably from the 50’s, that were like Dick and Jane but not – the same kind of easy-reading format, but the little kids had different names.  There was a boy, and a brunette girl, and a blonde girl, I think.  They did various things (the books had little stories per volume, I think); one of them involved the little blonde girl going shopping with her mom in town, and picking a bow for her hat.  I don’t remember their names, but I do remember that they had a cute little brown dog named Gyp.  My grandma is still around, but someone in the fam (understandably) took the books, and I so want to find them again.

Thanks!!! 🙂

267B: Myths and monsters

The book (or possibly book series) I am looking for (to the best of my memory) is a children’s collection of short stories involving myths or legends or fairy tales.  I had the book in the early 90s and it may have been an older book.  I believe some (or all) of the stories may have been foreign tales.  I remember a story with a chimera.  I also remember a story about a village and a small dragon/lizard type creature.  I think he hid in wicker baskets along the streets possibly visiting a particular two story house.  These two stories fascinated me as a child because the creatures were scary.  I believe the other stories in the book may not have had monsters like this. I seem to also remember a story about a tree. possibly the moral of this story was one bad apple spoiling the bunch, or an apple not falling far from the tree.  I seem to remember that most of these stories had a moral theme like this.  I feel like the book had an older vibe like the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson.  There may have been pictures but the book was mostly words.  Please let me know if i can provide any further detail. I don’t remember the name of the book but i seem to think it may have had the word MYTH in the title.  I really hope you can help!!


266I: “You’re my (little) boy, my pride and joy”

Looking for an old children’s book that has the words “you’re my (little) boy, my pride and joy” after each page or section.

My sister in law remembers her mom reading it every night to her little brother. Her mom passed away over 20 years ago, and the book is MIA. She always looks for it whenever she’s in thrift stores, or used book stores… we’ve searched for the keywords of the book on google and can’t find the title of it.

My SIL grew up in Northern British Columbia if that helps – might have been a small/remote publishing company?