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Welcome to the Stump the Bookseller blog!  Stump the Bookseller is a service offered by Loganberry Books to reconnect people to the books they love but can’t quite remember. In brief (for more detailed information see our About page), people can post their memories here, and the hivemind goes to work. After all, the collective mind of bibliophiles, readers, parents and librarians around the world is much better than just a few of us thinking. Together with these wonderful Stumper Magicians, we have a nearly 50% success rate in finding these long lost but treasured books. The more concrete the book description, the better the success rate, of course.  It is a labor of love to keep it going, and there is a modest fee.  Please see the How To page to find price information and details on how to submit your Book Stumper and payment.

Thanks to everyone involved to keep this forum going: our blogging team, the well-read Stumper Magicians, the many referrals, and of course to everyone who fondly remembers the wonder of books from their childhood and wants to share or revisit that wonder.  Isn’t it amazing, the magic of a book?

219D: Sisters feeding wildlife apples and nuts in snow

A picture book that I read in my childhood (early to mid 1990s) from a book that could have been written in 1960s to early 1990s. The main characters (2 to 3 sisters as I remember) fed wildlife (birds and also a few deer, there might have been squirrels as well) apples and nuts and seed in the snow outside of their house. I believe the sky was darkened as if it were night. The setting was fairly Germanic or Nordic. The house where the characters lived was either a log cabin or a Tudor style home. I believe a few of the animals looked in through a window in the house prior to getting their food. Outside the home there were a few evergreen trees. Set before Industrial Revolution.
I cannot remember for sure if this was a Christmas story or if it was only winter, but I lean towards believing the inside of the house was decked with garlands. I am pretty sure it is in English, but it could be in German as well.

219A:Treasure hunting goes wrong.

Young man is swindled out of his salvaged shipwrecked rubies (or sapphires or emeralds) by a beautiful girl with irregularly-cut hair and a love of diving inspired by reading Red Rackhams Treasure as a child. She is afraid of one thing, dying alone. They have a passionate affair, but she swindles him. He eventually retrieves his treasure from her, but finds her dying, he closes the door and leaves her to her worst nightmare:dying alone.

This book was written about the early 1990s by a chap writing for his PhD in geology in the university of Copenhagen. A debut novel. A bloke.

I can’t remember his name, name of the book. He stole my line about the Tintin thing. I must have met him at a conference and was asked about diving. I did lots of diving for geological samples and I was indeed inspired by Tintin books.

please help me re-find it. My copy was pinched off a ship I was working on.

218G:child preparing for First Communion

The book I’d like to find is religious, written for a child preparing for First Communion (Roman Catholic). In the story the child lives in a garden and welcomes a visitor to the garden. I believe that the book is hardback, wine-colored cover, about 10″ – 12″ tall. It may have been published in Cincinnati, but this is just a guess. I read it between 1952 and 1954. This is a tough one, but I’d love to find it. BTW do you know anyone who identifies music from just a few notes?

218F: a wet Cat. Dozer

Looking for a book I read in the 1950s or early 1960s. As I recall, it was about a teen or a couple teens who recovered a Caterpillar D2 bulldozer from a lake or pond, got it running, and used it for various projects. Could have been a Scholastic book club book. Was hardbound. One of the few non-classic books I remember reading as a youngster.

218E: Separated identical twin boys

This book was about identical twin boys, one of whom was thought to have drowned as a baby. His brother, however was convinced his brother was still alive, and the book was about his search for him, which was eventually successful. His brother had been snatched by a distraught mother; her own boy had just drowned, and it was this child who was wrongly identified as the lost twin. I had thought the author of this book was James Hilton, but if it was (and I am quite probably wrong about that) I cannot identify the title.

218C: novelette about a tribe of proto-human nomads

I’m looking for a 60’s era American elementary school level (age range estimate: 7 – 12) hard back novelette about a tribe of proto-human nomads that were still using trees for both transport and dwelling.

I don’t recall much else, except that we follow a young male tribe member as he grows, learns, and takes on responsibilities.

Fuzzy memory suggests the young male’s name is the title of the book.
Something like Aab, Aag,Oog, Oob…maybe.

Ancient memory suggests that it was a good read, so I imagine you’ll have little difficulty finding it.