227N: The story of Thambi (Solved)

I’m trying to recall the title of a children’s book which told the story of Thambi in a rural village in India trying to earn enough money for something he wanted by bringing a “Merican” (American) lady local flowers to paint. She asked him to find what were orchids, but possibly not called orchids, and one of the older village men told him to look in the trees in the forrests that lined the slopes of a local mountain called “the bearded one.” He found the orchids, brought them to the lady for painting, earned his money but bought a blanket for his family rather than what he wanted. The shop keeper saw what he had done and promised that the book or whatever it was he wanted would be there when he had earned some more money.

Can anyone remember this book?

Note: It has been identified as  ‘Pinneyo Rama?’ (What then, Raman?) by Shirley L Arora, published in 1961.

223A: Poem about girl eating her first peach (Solved)

This was a book I had when I was very young. The illustrations had children dressed in early 1900 clothing and it may have been published in that time frame. It was a compilation of stories and poems. One poem was about a little girl eating her first peach. I do remember a line from that poem “I’ve eaten it cloth and all Mama but what shall I do with the bone?” She was referring to the peach pit. Another story in the book was about a little girl who was picking blackberries and could not reach the best ones high in the branches. A gentlemen offers to bend over leaning, on his walking stick and let her stand on his back to reach the berries and she refuses saying she would be to heavy etc. The young man remarks that it would be rude to refuse a kindness and the little girl accepts his offer. There was a picture of this scene in the book of the little girl standing on his back and picking the berries.

222C: people who walked across the bottom of the ocean between the continents (Solved)

Looking for a book I checked out several times from an elementary school library in the mid-80s (not sure how old the book was). It was NOT the Verne story but was about a group of people who walked across the bottom of the ocean between the continents. They had some sort of tanks that allowed them to eat and breathe underwater.

221D: Scary Children’s Book from the 1980’s – Solved

I have been trying to remember this book for so many years, this is what I remember:

It had actual black and white photos, not illustrations. The character was a little girl and at the beginning, it is her birthday and she is happy and the setting is bright and cheerful and she is in her bedroom. Then as you turn the page, it is dark and creepy and she is alone in a home of some kind, so I think that she may have been dreaming. From what I remember, there are several photos of her exploring wherever she is, there is a kitchen, basement, garden grounds, etc.

The very last page is an image of blurry figures or what appear to be ghosts. I remember wondering of those were her parents.

There may have been a pet in the story as well. It wasn’t a long book, 20 pages at the most. I read it in the mid 1980’s, in about the 3rd or 4th grade.

I’m hoping you can help!

217G: 3-year-old tiger; duck with duck-head umbrella (Solved)

I was born in 1947 and probably owned this story book (illustrated with line drawings) when I was 4–6 years old. My memory is fuzzy, but here goes! One story, more or less in verse, was about a 3-year-old tiger who “lumbered along and lumbered along,” searching for 3-day-old meat. (He eventually found that 3-day-old meat was too old to eat.) Another story was about a mother who took her son clothes shopping and bought him 3 of everything: 3 shirts, 3 belts, 3 pairs of shoes, etc. A third story was about a duck who had a umbrella with a duck-head handle. I believe there was also a story about a stray cat who eventually found a home; the story possibly involved bottles of milk outside the door of a house.

217F: General story about competition between girl from a working and a rich girl who gets everything she wants. (Solved)

Book about two girls who love horses and art but are competing against each other in an art contest. I think their names are Lori and Darlene. Lori desperately loves and wants to buy a Palomino but has to work (saving cedar shingles off old barns?) to earn money but someone is burning old barns down and burns some of the shingles she has collected and jeopardizes her chance of getting the Palomino. Also remember “Lori’s” dad making her an art loft in the barn, then “Darlene” gets her dad to make her a fancy, much-better studio. Book references Ephesians 4:31-32. General story about competition between hard-working girl from a working family versus a rich girl who gets everything she wants.