217G: 3-year-old tiger; duck with duck-head umbrella (Solved)

I was born in 1947 and probably owned this story book (illustrated with line drawings) when I was 4–6 years old. My memory is fuzzy, but here goes! One story, more or less in verse, was about a 3-year-old tiger who “lumbered along and lumbered along,” searching for 3-day-old meat. (He eventually found that 3-day-old meat was too old to eat.) Another story was about a mother who took her son clothes shopping and bought him 3 of everything: 3 shirts, 3 belts, 3 pairs of shoes, etc. A third story was about a duck who had a umbrella with a duck-head handle. I believe there was also a story about a stray cat who eventually found a home; the story possibly involved bottles of milk outside the door of a house.

217F: General story about competition between girl from a working and a rich girl who gets everything she wants. (Solved)

Book about two girls who love horses and art but are competing against each other in an art contest. I think their names are Lori and Darlene. Lori desperately loves and wants to buy a Palomino but has to work (saving cedar shingles off old barns?) to earn money but someone is burning old barns down and burns some of the shingles she has collected and jeopardizes her chance of getting the Palomino. Also remember “Lori’s” dad making her an art loft in the barn, then “Darlene” gets her dad to make her a fancy, much-better studio. Book references Ephesians 4:31-32. General story about competition between hard-working girl from a working family versus a rich girl who gets everything she wants.

217B: Girl Coping with Parents’ Divorce and Father’s Second Marriage (Solved)

The book I’m trying to remember is a YA novel about a girl in middle or high school. Her parents were recently divorced, and her father remarried not long after. I think his new wife was a teacher, or maybe a substitute, at the girl’s school. The girl has a new babysitter or nanny or au pair, possibly an older high school or college student. I think they might have held a seance or used a Ouija board together, but I’m not positive. There was a scene with the girl and her mother driving in the rain, and the girl was thinking about her father’s second marriage, with the words “Divorced in (a month, maybe December), married in (another month, possibly May)” running through her head like a chant in time with the windshield wipers. I think the girl’s last name is Beckwith, or something similar, but that’s the only name I remember. I think it was probably published between 1985 and 1991, or sometime close to that.

216B: being nice (Solved)

about a boy who (i think) trips over his dog coming down the stairs in the morning, makes him mad, so he is mean to everyone all day. The book shows how the anger/meanness is spread from person to person. It then show either the next day, or an alternate reaction and how niceness and kindness is spread to everyone. (I think maybe in the negative day it spreads around until it comes back to him and someone is sharp/mean to him) I read this book in my local library at least 19 years ago.

214E: Guy falls for a girl with a dog (Solved)

Guy falls for a girl with a dog, eventually they breakup. I read the book in around 2002 and believe it was a new release at the time. It’s told from the perspective of a guy and think the author was male. He meets a girl who has a dog (I’m pretty sure it was a dachshund) and they start a relationship. She was quirky and did things like carry a pocket vocabulary book with her on the bus (maybe subway or train). Eventually they break up and he is devastated but realizes that he put her on pedestal. Alas, I can’t remember anything else. Any help would be appreciated, it’s been driving me crazy trying to figure this out.

The cover of the book has a picture of the dog, which is probably a dachshund.

It would be so amazing if you can find this book!!!

214B: Collection of Life’s Lessons For Children (Solved)

This book is probably from the 40s or 50s. It was a series of stories that taught children how to make good choices. One story featured a greedy little boy who always grabbed the biggest cookie or cupcake for himself. To teach him lesson someone makes a nice spread of food featuring one very large muffin or potato etc. but something is always wrong with the biggest piece. For example a large pie has almost no filling inside! When he grabs the biggest one he always gets disappointed.

213E: Performing family in a covered wagon (Solved)

I am trying to remember the name and author of a children’s novel I received as a present when I was in third grade, in 1976 or 1977.
I believe it was a Yearling book. I received it at the same time I received a Yearling book about Sitting Bull, and I remember the two books had similar insignia on them that must have represented the publisher.
I think the title may have had the word “Day” in it, as in “XXXXX Day,” but I could be wrong about this. I will explain more about this below.
The book was about a family that traveled around the Old West in a covered wagon with a cow tied to the back. They were a performing family, and in each town they reached, they made money by putting on a show that included different acts typical of entertainment at that time. The main performer was the father, a grandiose, kind, eccentric and wise man. I remember little about the mother other than that she was the more sensible parent. I think there were two children, an older daughter who was probably a teenager and a son who may have been a preteen or a bit younger. If there was a third sibling, I don’t remember her or him. The cow was somewhat considered an important part of the family as well.
The father and mother were somewhat strict, but being a funloving family they had a family tradition called something “… Day.” This is a key part of what I don’t remember. Each child could declare it was “XXXX Day,” and on this day they could get away with anything.
Early in the book, the family is traveling across the prairie from one town to another, when suddenly they realize the cow is missing. It turned out the boy had untied the cow, so they had to retrace their path for miles to find the missing cow. But the boy declared that it was “XXXXX Day,” so they couldn’t punish him.
One of the family’s acts in their show featured the son as a disembodied head looking through a box and giving oracular advice to the crowd. One of the main plots featured a mystery of some kind in the town where much of the action takes place, possibly solving a crime. The daughter and son figure out the answer, or believe they have figured it out, but they’d get in trouble if they told anyone. So the boy essentially tells townspeople the solution to the mystery when he is the disembodied head looking at the crowd through the box.
This is all I can remember. I would love to get this book for my children, or at least those still young enough to enjoy it.

Can you find this book?