207F: A Medieval king who may or may not live in a castle or something (I think) (Solved)

I’d like to identify and locate a favorite from my childhood but, as I enjoyed it before I was literate, can’t recall the title. Here are the details:

• I’m guessing it was published between 1970-87.
• It is set in the middle ages.
• The hero is a king who lives in a castle.
• There are multiple very short stories, the total being the average for a picture-based pre-literate children’s book.
• The title has a phrase like “…and other stories,” “…other tales,” or “The adventures of King…”
• Arrows and fire feature prominently in some of the multiple stories.
• It was from a popular, prominent kid’s book publisher; I don’t think it was a Little Golden Book, but could be wrong.
• To the best of my knowledge, it was not based on a prior story/book/legend/film/TV show.

That’s all I can remember, but I would recognize the cover if I saw it and hope this evidence is sufficient.

203F: 80’s Haunted House book..Scholastic or Dell/Yearling? (Solved)

I’m looking for a kid’s/teen book from the early 80’s. I believe it may have been a Scholastic or Dell/Yearling book, and if I remember correctly it had a yellow cover. It was about a family that puts on a haunted house at their home, and they have the customers put their hands into a hole to feel things (grapes are peeled eyeballs, spaghetti is brains, etc.). I also think they may have hung sheets up to divide the house into walking areas. There is a similar, newer book I found called Tuck’s Haunted House, but the character in that is a pig, and this was definitely a human family. For some reason I remember the name as being like ‘The Millers Haunted House’ or ‘The Wilsons Haunted House’, something with a surname in the title, but I could be wrong. I read it around the same time that I was into Choose Your Own Adventures and Encyclopedia Brown. Thanks for the help ;)

202E: Brightly illustrated story book (Solved)

I am looking for a book that may have been published in the 1960’s. I think it had a red cover. The book was illustrated with very bright colors. It had several stories, but there are three I remember most clearly.

One was a story of a little pine tree that wanted different leaves. The illustrations included gold coins being plucked off the tree, a goat eating the oak leaves, and glass prisms hanging from the tree.

Another story was of a stingy old woman who was baking at on oven. She would not give visitors any of her pies. The picture of the pie she baked was huge. She was eventually turned into a woodpecker to peck out a living. There is a picture of her as a woodpecker: her red hat became the birds head and her black dress with a white apron became the body.

The last story that I can remember is one where a little girl went through the woods with a tin pan to fetch water for her sick mother. As she walked back giving sips of water to various thirsty people, the pan became metals such as silver then gold and then a diamond and then a group of stars (the big dipper).

201E: Self portrait with mice (Solved)

I’m looking for a picture book that has the artist’s self portrait throughout. The image of the artist is looking at the reader are the subject behind him is one mouse or mice. I remember the mice or mouse driving a classic black convertible. There may be more, but either way the mice were up to no good. I think the mice were doing various bad things, but I’m not sure. In his self portraits, the artist does not look amused by the mischief. This book has a sixties feel. The artist is heavy set and wears glasses in his pictures. He looks like he’s in his sixties. There is a lot of white space in the pictures. The art is very precise and in the realm of realism. I’m pretty sure the artist/author is very famous.

201B: Children’s book, navel oranges, sharing. (solved)

A boy receives an orange as a gift, and he generously gives away its segments to others, only to find himself with none left. Someone tells him that it was a navel orange, and there was a hidden baby orange within the skin, enough for one bite. I read this around the 70’s, a beautifully illustrated book. The author might have had a Spanish name, or perhaps Jewish? I don’t recall any Christmas themes and he shared his gift mainly with older relatives, neighbors who seem European…

199E: 3 Siblings worship magic dough/bread man (Solved)

I read this book in middle school, 1995. so book is late 80s-90s. Three siblings, 2 girls and a boy, with the boy as the middle child. the youngest sister is ill/sick/crippled in some way. home life is not awesome, and they may or may not have moved to a new house- a huge tree in the backyard, they each find different items in the “new” backyard and decide to bake all of them into bread that mom or grandma was making. i think one of the items was a wire in shape of a crown, and another thing for the heart and something in the dough mans hand. this became some kind of magical talisman that made the little sister stronger and or able to perform magic. i also distinctly remember (i may be wrong) them having an entity i thought was rowan or something with an “R” that they worshipped for giving them this magic, and it became mad for some reason, resulting in the little sister climbing the tree to give back the dough man, and her falling…

199B: Easter Island Childhood (photobook) (Solved)

I can’t remember the name of the book or the author. Photo book about a indigenous boy who lives on Easter Island, and the book follows his day exploring the island, probably suggested as a `biography’. Emphasis is on big B&W photos. It was a hardback book and I think probably from British/UK publishers. I’d say it was about 12 inches by 10 inches – bigger than normal size. This would have been published in the mid to late 60s or very early 1970s. I remember this from South Africa where I spent part of my childhood.

197E: Weather Witch and Orphan Girl (Solved)

I’m pretty sure this book takes place in England and is about a girl who has magical abilities. She lives in a town with magical residents. The mayor is able to control the weather. She is being pursued by dark forces and the entire town might also be compromised by this danger. She is learning magic from an older wizard. There’s a scene in an underground library. They may have the ability to time travel, but definitely the ability to transport themselves with magic. There’s a scene at an abandoned boardwalk (in Brighton I believe) and a carousel is there as well. I think it was storming at this scene. In the town, the magic is used to whitewash the fences and keep things sparkly white and beautiful. Each house has a footbridge due to a stream running through town and a garden with a whitewashed fence. The girl knows the mayor. She might be an orphan.

196I: Uncle Gives Boy Magic Gifts, Other Magical Things Happen Too (SOLVED)

I recall this being a series, but it may be a stand-alone book — in it a boy gets a magic pencil from his uncle that will only allow him to write correct answers even if he tries to write the wrong answer. He is ready for a big test, then his dog chews the pencil. In another chapter his infant brother is supposed to be in a TV commercial, but the boy reads the dictionary while watching him and the baby says big words like “grappling hook.” A childhood favorite I would love to share with my daughter!