195F: Child’s book about time and timekeeping (Solved)

We’d love to reconnnect with this children’s book we had from our local library, but despite extensive online searching, can find no trace of it, as cannot remember or even guess at the title.

Illustrated short children’s book from c. 1990, for readers perhaps 5 – 9. The young heroine (age 8-ish, possibly called Anna) is not good at timekeeping, and is often late for tea. She therefore observes that ‘time is [like] a monster, marching on’. She meets the clock-keeper of the town hall clock, asks him about the nature of time, and he kindly on one occasion puts the clock back about 5 minutes, so that she does not seem late home for tea. The story and pictures have a mainland European feel to it. Someone suggested it may have been set in Switzerland. It is almost certainly a translation into English, and the English has that sense of maintaining a foreign idiom.
If this resonates with anything you recall, we will be overjoyed!

195C: The Magic Pencil (Solved)

I’m looking for a book for my aunt. She remembers reading a story called “The Magic Pencil” to her boys (this would have been back in the 1980s and 90s), but the story is part of a larger book/anthology of stories that she can’t remember the name of. Based on the look and feel of the book, she thinks it was probably from the 1950s (though that’s just a guess). In the story, the pencil would only write if you used the magic word “please” (or something like that). Would love to find this for her for Christmas!

194G: Boy’s house overshadowed by buildings (Solved)

I’m looking for a book my fiance read when he was in primary school.
He borrowed it from the Bookrunner Bus (a library van which visited primary schools), and he thinks he was 8 or 9 at the time. This means it will be from before 2000.
It was a short, children’s paperback, but had black and white illustrations – which he believes were in a similar style to Edward Gorey.
It was about a young boy living in a house with his mother and big buildings were being constructed all around, which cast shadows over his house. In the end the boy and his mother have to move to an apartment in one of the bigger buildings. There might also have been some sort of pet bird, but he can’t fully remember! He did mention that it was a really odd, creepy book.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know! I really would love to get it him for Christmas.

194F: 1960′s book about accepting disabilities (Solved)

Looking for a Children’s novel. I probably read it around 1963 or beyond. It was a library book. It was about a young girl helping her friend (possibly named Sarah?) who had a disability (possibly Cerebral Palsy?). I remember the girl helping the disabled girl/Sarah and helped her in school and at play and to generally feel accepted by others.

194C: Like “Me Too,” but with human sisters (Solved)

One book that I learned to read with really stuck in my head because it was very similar to my own situation: A little sister who kept tagging around after her big sister trying to do everything she did and saying “Me too!” in every instance. I could swear the big sister was a brunette and the little sister was a blonde (as we were). My mom was trying to teach my big sister how to read, and even though I was only about 3 at the time, I wanted to learn right alongside her, because, well, “Me too!” I know there is a 1983 Mercer Meyer book along these same lines, but it has non-human protagonists and the older sibling is a brother. The book I’m looking for would have been published at least 10 years before that.

192C: little girl travels back in time and meets older ladies in a Victorian style house (Solved)

1970s or 1980s children’s book or possibly short story, little girl travels back in time and meets older ladies in a Victorian style house and era, they use a warm brick called a “pig” between her blankets to warm her feet on cold nights. The ladies seemed strange to me at the time but I can’t recall why. She might have gone through a secret door in her own house to get to them but I’m confusing it with Coraline and Narnia perhaps!

191D: traveling poet who sells his rhymes (Solved)

The book is about a traveling poet who sells his rhymes. He meets a king or ruler of a town who wants everything to be the biggest and the best. So king is building a hill bigger than any hill, but the hill collapses every day. The colors on the book were very muted so I think it was pre-1980s. I think a part of the book was “the sun is a sun a star is a star i am who i am you are who you are” and something about walking on his feet and following his nose. I would be forever grateful if you could find the name of this children’s book!

190D: Girl Moves in to a Family Full of Boys (Solved)

I am searching for a book I read when I was a teenager, so it would have been in the 1960’s or 1970’s. I cannot remember the name, and the details are a bit foggy. But, it was about a girl whose parents died or were gone or something like that. She was living with a family that had a number of boys. She fell in love with one of the boys, and another of the boys hated her. She was trapped in a cellar, and almost died, but did recover. The boy she was in love with died, and the boy who hated her eventually fell in love with her. I wish I could remember more! I hope you can identify this book for me!

190C: Girl starts Babysitting to Buy Christmas Presents (Solves)

I’m looking for a book I enjoyed as a child around 1995, although I believe it was published well before then, probably around the 50s. It is about a girl who starts her own babysitting business because she wants to buy Christmas presents for her family. It details her escapes with the children along the way…she eventually gets her mother a set of orange (or maybe apricot?) scented bath products…bubble bath etc. Can you help with this? I’d so love to have this book for the holidays.