374V: Pulling a Parallel Universe Inside Out (Solved!)

This is a Sci-Fi short story from 50’s or 60’s about a parallel universe being pulled inside out through a portal using a winch in this universe. The effort goes wrong.

4 thoughts on “374V: Pulling a Parallel Universe Inside Out (Solved!)

  1. David

    Further description: I read this around 50 years ago. As I recall the portal was a ring of about one foot diameter. Only certain materials could be inserted through the ring. Other materials would be pushed back somehow. The protagonists created a hook out of the acceptable material, lets say aluminum, and attached it to a powerful winch. When they inserted the hook it caught something and they tried to pull it back through the ring/portal. There was a lot of resistance but it came back slowly, threatening to turn the other universe inside out. Until it stopped and started going the other way!


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