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374I: Vintage children’s book about two raccoon brothers

The book was published sometime in the 1960s to 1970s. It had full-color illustrations and multiple stories presented like chapters about two raccoon brothers. The book was probably written for children between 4-7 years of age, or early readers. The only two chapters I remember were about not chewing with your mouth open and having a hard time falling asleep. In the first story, the older brother is annoyed by his younger brother chewing with his mouth open, making a noisy mess. The younger raccoon tries to chew with his mouth closed but has a hard time, even going so far as to tearfully pull his cheeks out so he doesn’t bite them. Eventually, the older brother relents and the younger brother happily resumes his messy, noisy eating. In the second story, the younger raccoon is struggling to fall asleep in his top bunk. The older brother, in the bed below, advises his brother to say goodnight to his body, part by part, starting with his toes. But by the time the young raccoon gets to his (knees, hips, stomach? can’t remember), his toes have “woken up” and he is sad. I don’t remember much more about this book other than I loved it very much as a young child in the 80s, and it was a gift from my beloved grandmother.

371Q: Book about psychic Welsh boy and a mad bomber (Solved!)

The book was about a teenager in Wales who how can see visuals of other peoples thoughts.  He can’t hear anything so doesn’t know for sure what they are thinking, he can only see what they are visualizing.  His older brother is involved with a militant Welsh Nationalist group, but he can’t read his brother’s mind since the brother doesn’t “think in pictures”.
He keeps seeing thoughts of grey squiggles on a mustard yellow background but doesn’t know who they are coming from (it’s the bomber).
He eventually realizes his grandmother had an affair with his grandfather’s friend Hugh.  The grandfather and Hugh were killed in a mining accident.  The grandfather was also psychic so probably knew about the affair.
I read this book in the mid 1970’s but it might have been from the 1960’s.

362Z: Younger Brother Joins Trapper Brother, Gets Caught in Snowstorm

The book we’re looking for is about two brothers. The younger brother joins the older brother who is a trapper because the parents die of some sickness. The story is about them during the fur trapping days and their struggles to survive. They fight Blackfoot (I think) Indians. The younger brother really wants to get a Hawkins rifle like his older brother. They get trapped in a snowstorm and they get ready to eat their moccasins. I think the younger brother is like 12 or 13 or 14 and he wants to be like his big brother, who is in his early 20’s. The book was light brown with a hardbound cover.

247A: Search for an ember and strange things happen (Solved)

I am looking for a children’s book that I read repeatedly at the public library back in the 60s. It was about 2 brothers that fought nonstop. One evening as they fought down a road into deep woods it started getting dark and cold. They decided to stop fighting long enough to start a fire to warm up to. Spying some “ember” up in a tree they climb the tree to “fetch” it and start the fire. Once they get up the tree they realize that it is an wild animal or monster. The remainder of the book is the brothers trying to get away from it. I always thought that the title was the Strange Thing. But I must be mistaken as I cannot find anything at all on that.

Thanks Again!