247A: Search for an ember and strange things happen (Solved)

I am looking for a children’s book that I read repeatedly at the public library back in the 60s. It was about 2 brothers that fought nonstop. One evening as they fought down a road into deep woods it started getting dark and cold. They decided to stop fighting long enough to start a fire to warm up to. Spying some “ember” up in a tree they climb the tree to “fetch” it and start the fire. Once they get up the tree they realize that it is an wild animal or monster. The remainder of the book is the brothers trying to get away from it. I always thought that the title was the Strange Thing. But I must be mistaken as I cannot find anything at all on that.

Thanks Again!

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  1. celeste

    Maybe The Spooky Thing by William O. Steele: Two ill-tempered brothers mend their ways after an encounter with an awesome creature in the woods.


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