371W: Doily cut out Valentine’s Day book

I don’t remember it being explicitly about Valentine’s Day, but it was always put out with the children’s books around Valentine’s Day. The art style was very distinct and was doily/paper cut outs. What I remember about the story is that it was about a set of sisters who were princesses. There may have been 12 sisters. I encountered it in the 1980’s in rural Ohio.esssister

3 thoughts on “371W: Doily cut out Valentine’s Day book

  1. Mary Radlhammer Kiang

    Is the story the fairy tale ’12 Dancing Princesses’? If so, there are many differently (and beautifully) illustrated versions.

  2. Chelle J.

    Are the illustrations like Jan Pieńkowski’s silhouettes? Look up his name with Kingdom Under the Sea (not your book, but a good representation of his illustration style).

  3. Devorah Klein

    Twelve dancing princesses seems possible, but would it have been put out for Valentine’s day? I can’t find any editions that look right. Pienkowski seems similar in feel, for sure, but also can’t find a book that would be it. Thank you…


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