371V: Dark illustrated ghost book

I remember this illustrated book from when I was a kid. It had dark drawings somewhat similar to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark but not quite. Some of the elements I remember are that there’s a ship or boat?
There’s at least two men. One man is possibly stabbed. I remember a ghost maybe. Blood as well.The men’s bodies are shown from various strange perspectives to look stretched out and ghostly or long.


Plot: Not sure.

I read this between 1997-2005 roughly.

Book’s intended audience: Seems too scary to be a kids book but there wasn’t much text. It was definitely heavily based in illustration. 

I read it in Ohio, USA.

That’s about it !

I know it exists.
Thanks for your time.

1 thought on “371V: Dark illustrated ghost book

  1. Ginny

    It’s possibly a bit of a long shot but I wondered if it could be one of the books illustrated by Charles Keeping – his illustrations for The Highwayman sound a bit like what you’re prescribing (though not the boat). Being a poem it’s mostly illustration, and although the format is a picture book, it’s not for that age-old group. He was a prolific illustrator so if not that one, maybe another. Hope that helps!


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