361Z: Super Smart Boy at Top Secret School Fights Bad Guys (Solved!)

The main character is extremely smart, but his parents make him hide it. He gets recruited to a top secret high school. He also has an extremely high oxygen intake. He meets a few friends who all have extreme talents, the only one I remember is really good vision. His parents are taken over by bad guys and he tries to fight them.

6 thoughts on “361Z: Super Smart Boy at Top Secret School Fights Bad Guys (Solved!)

  1. Kirsten Donaldson Wheal

    Could it be Interworld by Neil Gaiman? Not the same in every detail, but the secret school and the talented friends are there.

    1. Jordan Shefsky

      Not it sadly. In the one I’m trying to remember it all takes place in our world, not some alternate universe.

  2. Jordan Shefsky

    I also forgot to include that the main character is aided in escaping the bad guys by a taxi driver who trades him a flip phone for his cell phone to make him harder to track. He manages to convince the older individual in charge of the dorms to over look the phone(which he is not supposed to have) with another superpower he has, to project images into people’s minds


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