360Z: Elephant looking for a kite

I am looking for a children’s book that was a lift-a-flap book. I read it in the 80s. I think the main character was an elephant and he was looking for a his missing kite in his house. He sees small glimpses of things that look like the tail if the kite but when he looks under the flap it’s something different. He looks under a pink bed skirt and to find it was the tail of a toy wind up mouse. He opens a closet but it was a cord to a vacuum. I think I also remember a toy chest and behind a curtain where he looks. I believe there is another book with the same character and I remember a picnic basket full of colorful berries.

1 thought on “360Z: Elephant looking for a kite

  1. Sara Scoggan

    Is it “Little Lion’s Lost Kite” by Emily Bolam? No elephant, but the description of looking all over the house for a kite seems to fit…


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