361A: Amazing Looking Witch

I am looking for what I think was a weekly reader or Scholastic book from late 70s or 80s. It was a Halloween book with a witch. I actually can’t remember a ton about the story but the graphics were amazing. The witch would fly on her broom and there is a distinct image of her in front of the full moon about halfway through the book. I would love to share with my kids!

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  1. Rachel

    What about “Late for Halloween” by Camilla Fegan?

    “Judy wakes up the day after Hallowe’en to find a large cat in her garden. The cat, Hornsbydale, belongs to Murgatroyd, a witch who didn’t make the spell on her broom strong enough to reach the annual Witch’s Dance and must therefore make her home in Judy’s shrubbery for a whole year until the next Halloween. Murgatroyd takes a chinese dragon named Chinquintafizz off a painted tray and Judy helps him get back home to his master, Fly-By-the-Moon.”

    Sadly my copy in is storage at present so I can’t check the illustrations!


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