351I: Dollhouse view of building with bakery in it throughout the day

This book was probably from the 70s or 80s. I read it from the library in the 90s. Every page was the same dollhouse view of one building at different times throughout the day with different things going on in each room. There was a french bakery on the ground floor with baguettes, the baker came in early to bake. There maybe was a clock saying what time it was on each page? It could have been a learning to tell time book. Either wordless, or minimal words. Illustrations were small in scale, I think done in pen and ink and watercolor or gouache. Similar to Roser Capdevila or Ljiljana Rylands. My mom thinks it was French-Canadian or French or from somewhere else in Europe. It was large in scale— maybe 11×13”.

2 thoughts on “351I: Dollhouse view of building with bakery in it throughout the day

  1. Phoebe

    Sorry I referenced two extremely niche/rare illustrators to tell folks what the illustrations looked like…ha!! A more well-known example that they were similar would be Mitsumasa Anno. RIP 🙁

  2. Meredith

    Phoebe – I had this EXACT same memory and your query is the only reason I knew that I had not made this up! Someone else out there was as enchanted by this book as I was! So for years – literally – this has been my favorite rabbit hole to fall down at work when there is nothing to do. And today I think I solved it! I believe it’s “The House from Morning to Night” by Daniele Bour, 1985. The illustrations weren’t as familiar as I thought they would be, but nevertheless I think this is the one. Let me know if I’m right!


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