351H: Goose and Gorilla kid’s book? (Solved!)

We’ve got a memory of a kids book about a goose and a gorilla.
It was published before 1990 for sure, but it could be quite a bit older.

It had a similar feel to the recent hit “Boy Mole Fox Horse” book in which a child is taught various lessons by different animals.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got to go on, basic google searches got mired down in ‘mother goose’ and ‘good night gorilla’ type books.

Thanks for the help,

3 thoughts on “351H: Goose and Gorilla kid’s book? (Solved!)

  1. Melissa

    Maybe this one? ‘On a picnic’ / Judy Delton (1979)
    Goose and Gorilla discover they can be friends despite their physical differences.


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