293K: Poetic forms across the globe A- Z (Solved)

I am looking for a book that, of course, I lent to someone and never saw again.  It was an alphabetic listing of poetic forms drawing from cultures all around the planet.  I really need the book for a writing group I do with children.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much.

2 thoughts on “293K: Poetic forms across the globe A- Z (Solved)

  1. beth jacobs

    Charlie Rossiter, a great poet, found the book. It’s by Edna Kovacs.
    Charlie has a great smashbook available on poetic forms also.
    Thank you Charlie, Thank you Loganberry books!

  2. Penny

    Are you thinking of “A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms,” by Paul Janeczko, illustrated by Chris Raschka?


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