293L: Teenager Horror Anthology Containing Invisible, Evil, Witch-Succubus (Solved)

Young Adult Horror Anthology

Paperback about 5 in. x 7 in. x .25 to .50 in. thick

Read between 1989-1993

The book included multiple legends, such as a traditional re-telling of the Warsaw Golem and the Wendigo.  I would guess it was written in the 80’s because it already had creases and tape on the spine when I read the book.  The cover contained a boy sitting in a chair, whose hair was standing up on end, with a monster behind him; reading a book with the exact same cover, which had the exact cover, etc.  I remember it being similar to Bruce Coville and Beverly Cleary and R.L. Stine books, though I think this book was written prior to Stine.  It is not any of the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series.

The main story I remember is set in a western town, possibly a cowboy/farmer town.  It centers around a young boy who is mistreated by his older brother.  They both work as farmhands and the older brother fall asleep under a tree.  The young boy sees this baboon-looking creature with long hair sneak up behind the brother and attack the brother.

This baboon creature, who I remember as a witch with long hair and red skin for some reason, rides on the brother’s back and sucks his life force out. When the younger brother tries to help, the witch sinks her claws deeper into the brother’s back.  No one notices this creature but the young boy I think.

Eventually, the brother gives up and commits suicide by throwing himself over a cliff.  The boy looks down as the witch lets go of the brother.  She looks up at the younger brother and starts to climb up the cliff’s side as she tells him to wait because she is coming for him.

Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “293L: Teenager Horror Anthology Containing Invisible, Evil, Witch-Succubus (Solved)

  1. Kelly W

    I think I read this too…unfotunately, I’ve never been able to find it either. I thought it was by Roger Elwood, but I never found the right title. If it wasn’t by him, it was very close on the library shelves.

    The only other clue I have is that I remember the one I read was published by a very small press based near Brattleboro, Vermont. Maybe Stephen Greene press, but again, I’ve never been able to find the right title.

    (I got it out of the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, and I remember one of the librarians saying something about it.)

  2. Tyler

    I believe I’ve been searching for the same anthology, and finally found it – 4 of them actually. Short and Shivery, More Short and Shivery, Even More Short and Shiver, and A Terrifying Taste of Short & Shivery by Robert D San Souci seem to fit the bill.

  3. Justin

    I ended up finding it. It was an anthology published in 1989. The story I am talking about is titled “The Burr Witch.” The actual book is titled “Monsters You Never Heard Of” by Raymond Van Over. Thanks for everyone trying to help!


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