235B: A mysterious ritual in Ireland

This was book written in either the 1940s or 50s. set in Ireland. A girl goes to visit family in Ireland from England. While there, she goes to a mysterious ritual on an island. There is a chariot race that she didn’t realize would entail her being engaged.

2 thoughts on “235B: A mysterious ritual in Ireland

  1. Kelly W

    Oh wow. I read that book too, but didn’t remember it until I read this.

    I think the author was Mc or Mac-something. McMoy? MacNamara? And I think the title has green grass or grass island in it.

    Not very helpful, but maybe it will jog someone else’s memory.

  2. Colls

    This is the book I came looking to find! From my recollection, she takes a small round boat (coracle) and it drifts to the island, there’s an entire society hidden on the island, and that she has to race her friend (Milo, I think). She wins and is engaged to him (the prince?) but manages to get away from the island.


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