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359D: Fiction, long-lost sisters with celebrity dad, Ireland/USA

This is a contemporary realistic fiction book. A celebrity man dies and is on the news, and somehow his daughter in the USA finds out he has another daughter in Ireland, or vice versa. The sisters meet. The Irish sister has a cheating husband who eventually seduces the American sister. The American sister later has a summer fling with a 17-year old, the ex-boyfriend of her niece (or something like that). I read it in 2010 and am guessing it was less than 10 years old at the time. The book is light green (or at least, the version I read was). I have a picture of me reading it, but when zoomed in it is way too grainy to decipher any info at all.

339H: Measles and a Nurse

I’m looking for a book that is about a nurse caring for a young man (he might have been a doctor) who is dying of complications from measles.  He is in a coma. I think it takes place in Ireland.  The nurse has substance abuse issues, works mostly at night.  He is in love with her and makes up stories and conversations in his head.


332O: Irish Magic And Mobsters

I am looking for a book about an Irish widow of a mobster who fakes her own and her granddaughter's death to hide them from her son who has taken over his father's business. She hires an American ex-cop as a bodyguard. The author might be Nora Roberts. If not, it is very much like her writing style. I seem to remember Irish magic being part of the plot.