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339H: Measles and a Nurse

I’m looking for a book that is about a nurse caring for a young man (he might have been a doctor) who is dying of complications from measles.  He is in a coma. I think it takes place in Ireland.  The nurse has substance abuse issues, works mostly at night.  He is in love with her and makes up stories and conversations in his head.


339F: Baby Girl Cries Out For Her Big Old Cat

The book I am looking for is a children’s book that I had when I was about 5 or so and I am now 40.
The book is about an old big cat that would sit with its owners baby girl and push her in a swing daily and the baby loved it.  Then one day the baby girl’s mom sent the cat to go live somewhere else (I think that the cat went to a farm, it was not a huge part of the story at all, so I am saying a farm, it could have been somewhere else, the cat was definitely sent somewhere)  The baby would not stop crying for the old big cat.  Nothing calmed the little baby girl down.  So the mom got the cat back.  And the baby was happy again.
The front cover of the book is a cat pushing a baby in a swing.
It is a hard cover book.
I think the title may have been the cats name or the name the baby girl called the cat
I appreciate your help with this, I have been trying to remember the name of this book for a long time so figured I would try this way out.

339E: Hordes of Trolls during the End Times

I read this book in the 90s at the latest so it’s not new. It was an end of time book, at least YA if not adult. Several things happened in the first chapter but I remember it saying a woman was putting laundry on a line outside and gnomes or trolls came running down the mountain in hordes. They were described as being in a color she had never seen before but could only be described as fear? I’m not sure the wording but something to that point.

Sorry that’s all I remember. It drives me insane looking for it. Hope you can help!

339D: Richly Illustrated Science Book

I am looking for a children’s book from the 1980s.  It was an over size, hard cover book, (not Richard Scarry, but illustrations remind me of him).  It was a science book for children – it contained information about the human body (reproduction, digestion, etc), also information about the earth and was richly illustrated.  I also remember on one page there were pictures of the sign language for the letters of the alphabet.
I would absolutely love to try and find this book for my own kids now.

339B: Children’s picture book about girl who turns into a tree at the end

I was obsessed with this book from approx 1998-2004. I lost the outer cover of it so all I remember was a large bright green hardcover with a tree embossed on it.

It starts off with a little girl who plants a tree. The tree grows quickly and the girl shrinks and meets all the animals of the tree, like squirrels. She experiences all 4 seasons in the tree and at one point I think she hibernates with a bear inside the tree during winter. The best part is at the end she turns into the tree! There is an image of her body and face drawn into the trunk of the tree as part of the bark. Then her mom calls her name (might have been Emily?? Might not) and she wakes up next to the small tree she was planting. It was all a dream!

I’ve been looking for this book for many years with no luck, thank you in advance for any help!

338Z: Witches and a Magic Stone

A young girl spends the summer with her Aunt Margaret (sometimes called Meg). The young girl finds an unusual stone that unknowingly to her, belongs to a forgetful witch named Lanie, who needs the stone in order to be able to fly. The witches come back looking for the stone, but the young girl has hidden it. Most of the book is about their efforts to get the stone back. At the end of the story, the young girl discovers her Aunt is actually the queen of or head of those same witches and in fact, is herself a witch and she has a pet black cat as her familiar. This is a young adult chapter book with pictures that I read in the 70’s.

338Y: Infant alone on an island

An infant survives a shipwreck and ends up on an island where he lives alone for a few years. Not certain what age he is when some people (grandfather maybe) come searching for him, but not being accustomed to people, he hides from them. The book makes a point of mentioning that the boy’s hair is very blond to almost white. I remember this was a very tiny book size-wise; smaller than the average book at the time.  It was a library book from the young adult/children’s section and I read it in the late 60’s early 70’s.

338U: Civil War Fiction From My Childhood

I found this book in the used bookstore when I was in middle school (1984).

It was already older (published in the 50s or 60s, I suspect). It had a orange/rust colored cover with a very impressionistic sketch of a military scene.
The story follows an orphan who runs away to join the army.  He is befriended by a soldier (the name Mr. Putnam stands out) who protects him in camp and on the battlefield. Either the boy or the soldier is wounded (fairly certain it is the man).
Of all the details I remember,  there are young girls who makes silk beads that supposed to help quench the soldier’s thirst if they run out of water.