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372W: Frau The Hare

A children’s book which my Dad read to me when I was about 5. About a hare running from the hunt .. I remember feeling her fear .. for herself and her babies back home in the burrow .. When she arrived back safely with her babies I cried and cried !
It was a hardcover with pictures and the story .. a4 on its side . I think it had a dust cover as well ..

372V: A staying-up-late book

I would’ve read this picture book in the 80s or maybe early 90s but it could have been from earlier too. It was about a little girl (not sure if she was a human girl or an animal like Frances, etc) who thinks her parents (and sister?) have a party after she goes to bed each night. She finally convinces them to let her stay up and it’s fun and I think they maybe eat toast?
It is not a Frances book, it’s not “I Hate to go to Bed”, and it’s not “Amy’s Long Night”.
Thank you!

372U: Novel about a little boy that doesn’t speak but can hear almost everything

Jessica Vlies,

There is a book I read in my youth — a novel from the library that I am trying to find! I can barely recall any details because I was so young, however, I believe it was about a young white girl from a wealthy family who sleeps with a young black man. Her mother is furious and she gets pregnant. The main plot of the book is the fact that she gives birth to this boy who does not speak but can hear everything (like literally grass growing). It was a good book with multiple timelines and character plots. No details on the cover but I believe that the boy’s name started with an A and was in the title (maybe: the curious tale of. . . — or something like that). Please help!!! Thank you!

372T: Short stories about teaching

This is a book of short stories about education and teaching.   One of the stories concerns a teacher reflecting on the number of murderers and serious criminals who came through her English class and bemoaning that all she did was teach them rhyming iambic pentameter.    Another concerned an author who was awoken every Saturday and Sunday by children playing soccer with tin cans.   He tired of this so went down and made a contract of sort with them to play every Saturday and Sunday outside his window.  He paid what was then a good amount of pocket money.   Within three weeks they stopped playing.  The obligation had robbed them of the pleasure and he got to sleep in.

372S: Short stories including Afro Americans and Johnny Appleseed

I’m after a 1950/60 American children’s book of short stories.   Hard cover with a bit of a religious bent.  Featured Afro American people in some stories.  All heavy on doing the right thing and hugely moralistic. One story was about a gardener potting up plants and another was about Johnny Appleseed spreading apple seeds across the USA.
Hope you can help.  Thank you.

372Q: 1940s classy children’s anthology

I’m trying to find a much-loved book given to a relative around 1948 (in England, so presumably a UK publisher).

It’s an anthology of stories and poems for children, clearly by someone who loved literature and didn’t want to look down on children or preach to them. It included things like Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market” and the Chinese folktale “Blue Rose”, and had illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley (obviously not done for the book as he was long dead).

The book is hardback with a leaf-green cover, and fairly large.

372O: Vintage children’s photo book – 1960s or earlier

Hello Book Heroes!  The very back of my brain has been tickling me about a book I had as a child, and I’m hoping you can find it for me. 

I don’t recall whether there was any text at all, but I think they were nursery rhymes – what I DO remember is that the illustrations were all photos of miniature items arranged in scenes, perhaps with live baby animals (chicks, kittens, puppies)?  If they weren’t live animals, they would have been perhaps plastic figures, maybe with flocking to make them look fuzzy.

372N: Mystery children’s book

I have been searching quite a long time for a book I remember from my early childhood. I was born in 1964, and I think the book was considered old back then. I believe the illustrations were black and white. The main character was a skinny boy who wore only a loincloth and turban, and there were many sea creature friends in the grotto. I remember the fishes’ eyes seemed rather human-like.

372M: Alliterated Named- Animals

Hi, I’m searching for the name of a series of children’s books I read in the 1960s and 1970s. I don’t remember much about them except that all the characters were animals
and they had alliterated names.  There was a firefly in the books. The coverwas very cute. These books gave me a lifelong love of reading. I was in grade 5 at the time, going to school in Hull, Quebec, Canada. The books were in English. Unfortunately that’s all I remember.