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373D: English girl travels to Europe for summer as au pair to her rich, spoiled fraternal-twin cousins

This book came into my hands in 1972, so it’s probably from 1960s (or possibly late 1950’s). The heroine is smart and has been accepted to university, but needs to make money over the summer. She agrees to take care of her fraternal-twin cousins (one of whom is named “Gaylord” and hates the name) as the family travels to the Continent. Definitely some beautiful descriptions of Lake Como. The beautiful elder sister of the cousins is meant to be getting engaged to some solid English prospect but has actually fallen in love with an “unsuitable” yet charming Italian. Our heroine ends up meeting the suitable prospect and sparks fly. His name is Timothy and/or he’s the heir to a tin mine (might have made up one of those because it sounds like the other). The ending is that they’re both going to the same university in the fall and presumably their romance will be continued/completed then. Oh and the twins come around in the end, too. I was most fascinated by the beginning, though, which is an account of her figuring out with her mum how to sew a respectable wardrobe for the summer with very little money.

364P: Orphaned Girl Sent West to Live with Twin Cousins

The book I am looking for is about an orphaned girl who is sent out West to live with her cousins and their family. I can’t remember the girl’s name, but the twins were identical twins, and I think their names were Albert and Herbert. I think the book had a red cover, and it was definitely vintage. I read it in the 80’s I think, but my mom loved antique books, so I know it wasn’t a contemporary book. It seemed like it might have been set in the 50’s or earlier. I can’t be sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

359L: Secret Twin With Gloves On Hands

I have been trying to remember this book I read as a teen in the 90s for years now and it’s starting to drive me crazy.

All I can remember of the plot is that there was a guy and he had been dating the same girl basically his whole life. A new girl comes to town and somehow they end up together. I believe they were in high school or just graduating from high school. Then at some point it is discovered that the new girl has a secret twin and the secret twin tries to kill someone, I can’t remember who. The secret twin always wore gloves on her hands because there was something wrong with them, I believe they were burned but I’m not positive.
Again I know it isn’t much to go on. For some reason the movie Swim Fan always triggers me to try to find this book.

355J: Twins are Split Up and Mother Becomes Town Outcast

I’m looking for a book that I read quite some time ago. The most that I can remember is that the mother was a town outcast, had boy/girl twins, one “died” and was raised by another family. Boy stayed with mom who became town crazy woman outside town. Girl finds out somehow she’s adopted and goes back to figure everything out, and gets involved with a local man. ♥️♥️

343T: Summer Time Twins (Solved!)

The book I am looking for is a young adult book. I read it when I was a pre-teen in the early 90’s. It had twins, a boy and a girl, and the girl was named Willa. The boy may have been named August. They were also pre-teens. Their mother may have had a baby—a boy?? I remember trees, summer time and perhaps a tree swing or hammock. Maybe lemonade?

233H: Adult fiction with descendants of Jesus of Nazareth

Twins, Roslyn Chapel, descendants of Jesus of Nazareth
Adult mystery about the secret descendants of Jesus of Nazareth. A girl and her grandfather are the main characters. At the end of the book they come to Roslyn Chapel where they go into a hidden underground chamber and where they meet the girl’s grandmother and twin brother, whom she didn’t know existed. It’s not The Da Vinci Code, I must have read it 10-15 years earlier.