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371X: If I had a pony

I’m hoping you can help me find a book my grandmother used to read me. I believe it was called ‘If I Had A Pony’ it was a long thin rhyming book. A line from the book was, If I Had a Pony I’d name him baloney…but we do have a turtle and his name is Fred. I know that’s not a lot to go on. Thank you for your help. Have a wonderful day, 

289B: A little boy and his pony

I am trying to locate a title of a book

The book is from the 1950s or 1960s. It is a children’s book about a little boy and his pony. Him, his dad and grandpa are searching for a baby calf.

It is a hardcover book – blue in color but black and white pages.

My dad is trying to remember the name to hopefully track down the book to buy for my little girl.