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372F: Growing up in a convent

I’m trying to remember the name of a sweetly simple novel, not very long and probably published in the 1960s, about a young motherless girl whose father brings her to a convent so the nuns can raise her while he–works? Travels? I can’t recall. I believe it was written in first person, and the girl lives a fairly idyllic existence with the nuns, who treat her with every kindness until her father returns. She doesn’t always understand their little jokes, such as one involving “elbow grease” that I never forgot. The title and author, however, are another story.

254D: Toothsome, savory and oh-so delicious pancakes

My brother and I are searching for a childhood book. I remember having the book read to me when I was two, so about 1957.  It was a story about a nun who made ‘toothsome, savory oh-so delicious pancakes.”  I don not remember the title, nor the author.  It was a picture book.  Not much to go on, but I will not give up, lol.

Thank you for your time and consideration.