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365O: London Ghost was Killed by Bomb

Looking for a book of short middle grade ghost stories read in 80s (so possibly 70s/80s book). Boy attends school in London and meets a girl who is revealed to be a ghost and had been killed by a bomb. Possibly a timeslip situation where he tries to save her or maybe she saves kids at the school from a fire? Not Kept In Timperley I think it is mentioned she was killed by a doodlebug, but not sure on that. Thanks!

363Y: Mystery about disappeared businessman found in a circus (Solved!)

This is a mystery I read in the past several years, set in London, about a tall man who worked in the City, left for work, seen by a tradesman in the block by his house, never reached the end of the block. Years later, the ?main character, a younger man or maybe a detective, found him in a circus in Europe. The younger man may have been a relative. It turned out the tall man was very athletic and had bounded over a high brick wall around an estate in his block to live with a woman who collected snakes. They left for France and owned the circus, I think. I thought it might have been a Sayers or Allingham mystery, but the descriptions of each of their books doesn’t sound like it could have been.

357W: Racy novel set in 1960s in Fashion Industry

I read this novel in the early 90s. It had a mostly white cover, possibly with a woman decked out in white fur. Here’s what I remember:
— Novel is set in the 1960’s and in the fashion industry.
— Main character was traumatized when, as a child,  she saw her mother, Coral, having sex and thereafter had a lot of problems.
— Her best friend is overweight, marries a drug addict named Alastair. She is also a fashion designer I think, in the style of Mary Quant.
— Coral, her mother, is a magazine editor I believe and nearly dies in a fire.
— Set in London and New York
— Potboiler type novel. Possibly with the word White in the title but maybe not … could just be confusing it because the cover was white.

323U: Bear On Vacation Takes Unskillful Pictures

Seeking information on a children’s book about a bear (?)/character going sightseeing in London, but takes pictures crooked, with thumb in them, etc. but doesn’t see until developed. But also got a pack of postcards that has the actual pictures, so he has those as memories. Possibly could have a Double-Decker bus on the cover.