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368B: Birthday Party Disappearing Children Cutlery (Solved!)

A little girl goes to stay with her eccentric aunt who spends most of her time gardening. The aunt is constantly digging up dishes, plates, and other items from her yard, and always holds on to those items. One day the little girl is in the library of her aunt’s house and discovers a book about a little girl who was at a birthday party that was cursed by a (fairy?) so that all of the children disappeared and the cutlery was buried in the yard. To undo the curse, the story girl would have to place all of the cutlery back just as it was when the curse was placed. The story girl would also be unable to communicate what happened to anyone else until the curse was listed. Thinking that her aunt might be the girl from the story, the little girl helps her aunt to dig up the last of the cutlery/dishware. Together they place the dishes/cutlery on the table as directed by the aunt. However, nothing happens after they do this, and the book ends.

366Q: Birthday book where reader is the final guest (Solved!)

Hi – I’m trying to find a book I loved as a child (UK, 1970s).  I believe it was by Enid Blyton – so obviously written before then – but I can’t identify it from a list of her works.  It was about a birthday party, where every child guest has their own story in a chapter. There were also great descriptions of the party food. The final chapter was a story for the reader, because you were also invited to the party.  Does anyone recognise the book from this description?

366M: Anthology with a club that dresses like monsters, a girl who gets wishes that go wrong, possibly a crocodile and more?

I remember this hardback white book from my childhood. It had a lot of stories in it. The one I remember most vividly was about a club of boys and girls who did all sorts of stuff. They host an event where they come disguised as monsters. They figure out who everyone is, except one monster who they assume must be the last club member (I think it was a girl, Katie?). So this yellow monster doesn’t look like a costume like the others. The monster ends up winning lots of events. But then at the end, the missing club member shows up late and it turns out it was a real, friendly monster the whole time. Another story in it was about a girl who received wishes for her birthday? I think from her aunt? It’s possible she made these wishes using candles? Or a magic bag. The wishes all go wrong. I think one makes these awful ugly babies or monsters? And one involves cr

362P: Pets Hold Surprise Birthday Party for Woman (Solved!)

I have been looking for a book that was very important to me as a child that I lent to a friend and never was returned. It was about an older woman who lived alone with her pets , basically a picture book, the cover was a nighttime picture I believe of her house from a distance , as she was coming home to her animals , who had made her a birthday party to surprise her. It may have been called something like ‘the birthday party’, but I completely forget. I have been looking for many years for this book. No hits wherever I have searched, have tried all titles I could think of. Anyone? Probably 1950s.

348E: Girl With a Red Star

I’m trying to find a children’s book that is about a young girl who doesn’t want to get older. She is coming up on her birthday and climbs in the door jams of her house to prove she can still do the things she could do when she was younger. She paints a red star over one eye and I feel like her name might be Nora?

339U: Boy Celebrates Birthday With Circus Performer Parents

"Put away that donkey's tail. . . " 1950s? book about a boy whose parents are circus performers. He likes to wear a false donkey's tail. He tied a balloon to it and it popped. Then all the circus performers gathered 'round while his Mum served him his birthday cake. Red outline illustrations. Please find this for me!! Thank you!!

235C: Hippo’s Birthday

I am looking for a book from my childhood which I remember very well. I am from the UK. The book must be more than 20 years old. It is about a hippopotamus, referred to as “Hippo” in the text. The Hippo asks his dad (also a Hippo) if it is his birthday every day. “Is it my birthday today?” and the dad hippo would reply, “No, not today, Hippo.” This goes on for some time as his birthday approaches. It is eventually his birthday and when he asks a final time, I think the dad hippo says, “Yes, Hippo. Today is your birthday. I even remember the dad hippo hiding the birthday cake on top of a wardrobe.