374X: Ben’s Mom on a Business Trip

I am looking for a library book from my childhood. The book is from the 1970s or very early 1980s, and focuses on a little boy named Ben. In the story, Ben’s mom goes on a business trip, leaving Ben and dad at home for a few days. They get off to a rough start with dad being late to pick up Ben from school and some other minor mishaps, but things improve before mom gets home. The entire book is illustrated with black and white photographs of what could be a real family – mom, dad, and son Ben. There are no drawn illustrations, just photographs. I believe there were also one or two more “Ben” books- maybe it was a small series- but the one I remember most centers on Ben’s experience while mom is on work travel.

3 thoughts on “374X: Ben’s Mom on a Business Trip

  1. MamaSquirrel

    Daddy and Ben Together, by Miriam B. Stecher.

    “Ben and Daddy fend for themselves while Mommy is on a business trip.”

    1. MaryRose

      Thank you so much for this information! With your help, I have located the book for sale and can’t wait to read it again. I am so very grateful to you. I have never forgotten this book, and am thrilled to have found it.


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