373C: The Protagonist Named Paige

I was born in 1963. Some time prior, probably 1960-63, my Mom read a book with a protagonist named Paige. She can’t remember the title or author and she thinks the protagonist may have been male. She named me Paige because of that book. 
If you can find the book, I’d like to get a copy. My Mom read constantly, her entire life, so it was probably a book published in that time period. 
Thank you!

2 thoughts on “373C: The Protagonist Named Paige

  1. Gill

    There ia a Paige Rice (male) in ‘The Quality of Mercy’ by Margaret Culkin Banning, pub. 1963.

    Colonel Paige Russell (male) in James Blish’s ‘A Life for the Stars’, pub. 1962

  2. Ann

    Probably not, as it’s a surname not a first name, but is Elizabeth Corbett’s ‘The Paige Girls’ (1962) a possibility?


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