372C: The eye stalk monsters

 I have been looking for years for a book I read years ago.  
I can remember that it was mostly a picture book with lots of monsters that had eye stalks.  but they were all shapes and sizes.  I will include a picture of my badly remembered approximation of some of them.  Some had spots and tentacles. 
I can’t remember the year I read it in but it was around 2000. So it had to be published before then.  It was a comical book not scary, may have had jokes? I don’t remember reading too much, mostly visual.  There was one page where there was a factory and it was broken or not working right and it was oozing slime, or goo everywhere.
It was very colorful, and very unique art style once you see it you don’t forget it, I just wish I could figure out who the artist was
Thank you in advance!

2 thoughts on “372C: The eye stalk monsters

  1. Gill

    The artwork is reminiscent of the (two?) colourful ‘Alien’ books by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins. They did an Alien joke book too, but that one looks to be in black and white.

    Here’s a link to the 2001 ‘Alien Diaries’:

    And ‘Aliens’ 1997:

    They also published monster books.

    1. Jessica

      I took a look at both, and the art style and type of book isn’t quite what I remember. I really do appreciate the help, it’s more than I’ve been able to find on my own. I don’t know if the book I remember really had a plot, it was more like a situational tableau on each page, like “Look what went wrong.” and there was little signs at intersections, or buildings that said what something was and then there would be another sign that said “out of order” and there was goo everywhere. Also it almost felt like a “Where is Waldo” book but without having a goal. Don’t know if that makes sense, or If I’m just terrible at remembering. Thank you again for trying to help!


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