371T: Power Armor Fantasy

Hello! For the past few years I have been looking for a novella whose title and author has escaped my mind. In the spring of 2017 I was perusing Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, Colorado. They had a display of new novellas available. Among the display were books like Neon Yang’s “The Black Tides of Heaven” and others. One of the paperbacks present described a “power armor fantasy” by one or more of the marketing blurbs on the back. The summary talked about a female warrior who was concerned with ensuring her sons were able to become men and warriors themselves. The cover art included a head-and-neck portrait of this mother character wearing the power armor. This was centered above some kind of landscape or battle scene. The whole thing had a Warhammer 40 vibe to it. I have scrolled through the available books offered at this bookstore, searched the archived articles and posts, and even called the store outright to no avail. If you have any luck finding this book, you would put this nagging thought of min.

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