371H: Girl Loses Doll on Bus Trip (Solved!)

I’m hoping someone can help me find the name, and maybe the author, of a children’s book. It wasn’t very thick, had illustrations, I believe it was published in the 1960s and was aimed at readers ages 6-10. I read it between 1969-1971. 
A young girl was allowed to take a bus trip by herself once school was done for the summer. She may have been visiting her grandmother. She took her doll along. I seem to remember the doll was made of cloth and wore a dress and pinafore. The bus stopped for a rest break, and the girl took the doll with her. She had a chocolate bar at one point and may have bought it during the stop. She got back on the bus but didn’t notice until after it left the rest stop that she left the doll behind. I don’t recall if she got the doll back.
I would appreciate any help finding this book as the memory of it has always stayed with me.

5 thoughts on “371H: Girl Loses Doll on Bus Trip (Solved!)

    1. Lori

      That’s the book! I verified that it matches by finding an online copy. Ebay has a nice copy at a great price. Thank you so much, MamaSquirrel!!

  1. Margaret Mary

    I have been trying to find the name of this book for decades. I used to check it out repeatedly from our local library when I was a child. This is back in the 60s. I loved this book, and could not for the life of me remember the name of it. I have been Googling for many years trying to find the title, and finally stumbled on this posting. Once I knew the name, I also found copies online and was able to verify this is indeed the book I have been searching for all these years. Thank you so much, MamaSquirrel.


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