370S: All About Puberty

Looking for a pre-teen girl book I read in the late 80s/early 90s that was already really dated. The girl in the book is going through puberty and gets her period. But the maxi pads still have the belt and the hooks. My friend and I just saw Are you there God? and for the life of us we can’t remember this book. They may have also been a part about keeping notes in a notebook about puberty.

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  1. Amanda

    I could have sworn when I first read Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret that she talked about a belt thing. And that when I read a different copy later on, it no longer had that in it. Publishers have been known to update badly out of date details like that in later editions. So unless you can absolutely rule it out plot-wise, see if you can find a 1970 edition of it. But I think my school sex ed book talked about them too, maybe? I remember asking my mom about it and her telling me to be glad things had come a long way since she was my age.

  2. Librarygirl

    I just Googled “Are you there God Margaret belt”and yes, according to multiple sites the book has been updated and the belt is no longer part of the story. If you are able to find an old copy it may be what you are remembering.

  3. Ann

    If it turns out not to be the book, some other 70s books about young girls going through puberty include Constance C. Greene’s ‘Al’ books, starting with ‘A Girl Called Al’, and Norma Fox Mazer’s ‘I, Trissy’.. I don’t now remember whether these refer specifically to menstruation; but they could be worth a look.

  4. Kahena

    This definitely sounds like “Are you there, God? It’s Me Margaret.” by Judy Blume. Margaret kept a diary and was desperate to get her period. The whole book may have even been her diary entries. Pads did have belts in the version I read, but this was not a thing by the time I picked up the book in the mid-80’s. I loved this book (and all of Judy Blume’s books), and read it countless times!


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