370P: Sheep Discovering New Places

Here is  the description:

I am trying to locate a children’s illustrated book that i had in England, that was likely published in the 1980’s , but definitely not after the early 1990’s. It had beautiful detailed illustrations, and was about 2 sheep investigating different areas, such as beaches and tidal pools. The illustrations were amazingly detailed, for instance, the tidal pools would be covered in rocks, bottles, animals, sea weed, plants etc- you could look through the individual pages for hours on end, but the stories always involved the two white sheep. They were drawn realistically, and not “cartoony” at all. I believe it may have been a series of books. Please let me know if you have any information!

Key aspects:

>>>> -About 2 sheep exploring new places
>>>> -realistic and extremely detailed illustrations
>>>> -Likely part of a series of books
>>>> -Purchased in England, likely a European publication (but not sure)
>>>> -Printed circa 1980’s-early 90’s if not earlier

Please please can you see if you can identify this for me? I would love to be able to show my own children this!

Please let me know if you need any further information! I also commented on the Disqus back in august 2018 but it is so far back I could not locate my comment. It’s possible someone may have replied

3 thoughts on “370P: Sheep Discovering New Places

  1. Gill

    There were books by Benedict Blathwayt about two sheep called Tig and Tag, published around 1992. White sheep, black legs and faces. One was called ‘Tig and Tag’s Island’, I’m not sure about the other one(s)…?

  2. Gill

    ‘Tig and Tag in Trouble’

    Ebay has copies for sale, one of the listings gives numerous pictures of the illustrations.


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