370H: 80’s teen book about a girl going through some stuff (Solved!)

Hello! God help me, I cannot remember this book for the life of me, but I read it all the time back in middle school!

It was a teen book about a girl who ate marshmallow fluff sandwiches and her father had a girlfriend Miriam, who owned a clothing boutique called Miriam’s Magic, I think. That’s all I remember. Help!

4 thoughts on “370H: 80’s teen book about a girl going through some stuff (Solved!)

  1. MamaSquirrel

    Puppy Love, by Jeanne Betancourt.
    “A child of divorced parents, eighth-grader Aviva has to deal with her two families, a new baby brother, grief over her dog’s death, a crush on an unattainable boy, and a troubled schoolmate who turns out to be a really good friend and strong support.”

  2. MamaSquirrel

    There are five books about Aviva, so you might want to check the others if Puppy Love doesn’t sound right.

    The Rainbow Kid
    Puppy Love
    Turtle Time
    Crazy Christmas
    Valentine Blues

    1. Autumn Gonzales

      OH MY GOSH, THIS IS IT!!! Thank you SO MUCH! This has been driving me crazy, trying to remember this book!!!


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